15-Min or Less

15-Min or Less

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15-Min or Less
  • [NEW] Breastfeeding Meditation for Mamas (15 min)

    This is a meditation you can do while nursing or pumping. This can help you stimulate milk production, by helping you to relax. Get really comfortable and enjoy.

  • Day 14 - Kundalini Meditation for Stress & Fear | Reset Your Brain's Electromagnetic Field (15-Min)

    Alter the currency of your nervous system! In this short, insanely powerful meditation, we bust through stress and reset our brain's electromagnetic field. We do this through practicing Breath of Fire with Lion's Paw mudra, criss-crossing the wrists above the head. We end in a blissful, silent, s...

  • Easy Yoga for Your Feet and Ankles

    In this class we will stretch the Achilles tendon and the fascia of our feet. Your lower legs will feel amazing after this class! Be sure to check out the Uplifted members only extended version too.

  • Gentle Core Strengthening Exercise to Stabilize Pelvis, Legs, Help Low Back Pain (10-min)

    This ab exercise is subtle, yet profound in helping you with yoga alignment.

    This exercise is best done with a block, but I show you an alternative you can use as well (for those of you who don't have blocks at home.)

    This ab exercise is subtle, but incredibly deep in that it helps you fi...

  • Low Back Pain Release - Yoga Low Back Stretch (10-minute stretch)

    Kundalini Month Calendar => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlbmQzQ1lNVVZOLWc/view?usp=sharing

    Kundalini Month Booklet => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlOGN6Mk1XTDBieGM/view?usp=sharing

    This is my go-to exercise whenever my low back feels out of whack. It's simple, ...

  • "Just 10 Minutes" Yoga Routine

    What to do when you only have 10 minutes to practice.

  • Energizing Flow Quick Suns and Hips - (15-Min)

    In this class we warm the body with some quick Sun Salutations before coming to the floor for some feel good stretches. This one is a great for a quick morning practice too!

  • [Member Only] Chaturanga Workshop (15-min)

    This video goes deep into this very challenging pose. Please warm-up before coming to this workshop and have your blocks (and strap) handy. You will definitely be working hard!!

  • Easy Hip Stretches - Beginners & All Levels (15-min)

    Check out the extended, 60-min member-only version of this new class as well, called "Yin - Make Love to Your Hips"

  • How to do Alternate Nostril Breathing: Pranayama + Meditation (15-Min)

    In this full 15 minute pranayama practice, I am going teach you on how to do alternate nostril breathing and we are going to do a quick lovely meditation. Thanks for watching this video.
    *First Video in SUKHA PLAN*

    Sukha Calendar => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlcGdmUWtlT2R3WGM...

  • Get Grounded Meditation for Anxiety: Lower 3 Chakras Meditation (15-min)

    Feeling restless, anxious or unstable? It's time to get grounded! In this 15-minute guided meditation, we ground into the earth's energy by focusing on the lower three chakras (Muladhara - Root Chakra, Svadisthana - Water Chakra, Manipura - Fire Chakra). Send your breath and energy to these areas...

  • Beginner Morning Yoga Sequence for Greatist (15-min)

    Beginner Yoga Training Guide => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlT1JDajl5Sng5WUU/view?usp=sharing

    Start the day right with this 15-min Beginner Yoga Sequence designed to center you, keep your body in balance and wake you up to start your day. *No prior yoga experience is needed* to...

  • Manifest Your Vision, Kundalini Meditation - 11 Minutes

    KUNDALINI TRAINING PLAN Calendar: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/435269/kundalini-calendar.pdf
    Booklet: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/435279/kundalini-taining-plan-booklet-v03.pdf

  • Foam Roller - Ultimate Low Back Stretch

    It's low back week! This whole last week of February is dedicated to our low backs. I have SO many low pain focused classes, so feel free to also pick your own. But these are some of my favorites. We kick it off with a brand NEW class in which I show my favorite way to foam roll my low back. This...

  • Foam Rolling for Flexibility

    In this class, physical therapist Jen Esquer teaches us how to best foam roll our legs in preparation for splits. Even if you have no desire to do the splits, this foam rolling is session has *so many great tips* from her. It's also a bit of a core workout too! Try this class today, and before yo...

  • Deep Stretch

    We’ve been sculpting non-stop, so I decided it’s time for a stretch. I tried to make this peaceful, delicious, and there is music too!

  • Beginner Morning Yoga - 10-Min - Energizing Wake Up Vinyasa Flow

    This is the ultimate 10-minute wake up routine! Perfect for all levels. Advanced Uplifted members, feel free to search for and try the class called "Morning Espresso" as well.

  • Easy Yoga for Stress - Calm Down in 8 Minutes

    Shift out of stress with this short, gentle yoga routine - the perfect way to calm and center yourself in less than 10-minutes! We begin in a forward fold, stretching the low back and slowing down the breath. Next, we explore low lunges, staying close the ground. We end by unwinding tension in th...

  • Soothing Bedtime Yoga - NO MAT! (10-Min)

    This beginner nighttime yoga routine is designed to be done on the bed 😇 No yoga experience (and no mat!) is required to do these relaxing nighttime stretches with me. Using the bed as our only prop (yes- this is "yoga on the bed"), we gently open the back of the legs, the hips, and release the s...

  • Fast and Easy Power Yoga Workout in 15 Minutes

    This power yoga workout feels like a full 60-minute power yoga flow but is only 15-minutes! My most recent yoga invention! I've been doing this one myself all the time :)

    Some days you can't fit in a 60-minute yoga class.

    Sometimes you really want to exercise but don't manage to fit any wo...

  • Beginner Bedtime Yoga Sequence for Greatist (10-min) - Nighttime Yoga for Beginners

    Bedtime Yoga Sequence for Beginners
    10 Minute Yoga Nighttime Yoga Sequence to Help with Insomnia
    This Short Yoga for Greatist Sequence is perfect for end of day!

    End the day right with this 15-min Beginner Yoga Sequence designed to get you ready to go to sleep. Ideal for winding down after a...

  • Lazy Yoga - Easy Yin-Inspired Yoga Sequence for When You Need a Break - Great for Beginners

    In this easy yoga sequence, we stretch the hamstrings, hips, and low back. YUM! This is exactly what my personal yoga practice looks like when I'm stressed, overworked, overtired or just too fatigued to stand up. Even if you are exhausted, you will feel so much better after 15-minutes of Yin yoga...

  • Advanced Strengthen & Flow - Vinyasa Morning Espresso Yoga (15-Min)

    In this vinyasa flow yoga class, I will show you an awesome morning yoga routine that will wake you up instantly! This yoga class is for intermediate and advanced levels. Improve your flexibility and strengthen your body by doing this morning yoga routine.

    Wake up in the morning with more ener...

  • Yoga for Abs for Greatist (10 Min) - Yoga to Strengthen Your Core, 10 Min Ab Routine

    Quick Yoga for Abs workout! Feel your core get fiery-strong in just 10 minutes.