30-Min or Less

30-Min or Less

All-levels of classes that are 30-minutes or less. Ordered

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30-Min or Less
  • Twist It Out - 20 Min

  • [Elemental] Day 1-Morning Chakra Yoga for Energy - 20 Min

    MORNING CHAKRA YOGA! ☀️A Sequence for Energy! Begin your perfect morning by connecting with the chakras!

  • [Elemental] Day 13 - Therapeutic Yoga Sequence | Self Myofascial Release -20 Min

    This is a myofascial release yoga class. This gentle, therapeutic yoga class connects you with mother earth.

  • [Elemental] Day 10 - Hatha Flow w/ Deep Breathing Exercises- 25 Min

    Increase your lung capacity through deep breathing exercises in this sweet hatha flow. Open yourself up to receive more air and love! Heart chakra focus.

  • [Elemental] Day 14 - Chakra Meditation with Lotus Mudra Meditation - 18 Min

    Send energy to each chakra with this sweet meditation. Suggested: Lotus Mudra. Could also opt to take prayer hands.

  • [Elemental] Day 8 - Juicy Lympathic System Massage 💆 - 25 Min

    Yummy yoga for lymphatic health - vinyasa flow. This lymphatic focused yoga flow incorporates self-lymph massage and gentle movements. Encourages lymphatic drainage. All levels gentle yoga detox.

  • [Elemental] Day 4 - Deep Breathing Yoga Flow - 20 Min

    Deep breathing yoga! Delicious Hatha flow with super deep breathing. Connect with the air element and the heart chakra!

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  • [Elementals] Day 6 - Quick Abs and Core 💪Power Yoga - 20 min

    Yoga For Abs And Core Strength. Quick workout. Explore the element of fire and chakra 3!

  • [Elemental] Day 5 - Unwind Shoulder Knots & Hip Tension - 30 min

    Yoga for shoulders and hips! This easeful flows stretches the shoulders, low back and hips. Perfect for shoulder and upper back pain. We focus on the element of water, chakra 2 and fluid movements.

  • [Elemental] Day 3 - Total Body Morning Stretch - 20 Min

    Total Body Morning Stretch. Flow through this sequence which incorporates all four chakras and their elements!

  • [Elemental] Day 2 - Fiery, Power Flow Morning Yoga Workout - 20 Min

    Elevate your heart rate! Kick-start your metabolism with this fiery, morning flow. Our focus is core strength, fat burning, beginner-friendly yoga moves. Connect with your Third Chakra and the element of FIRE!

  • Personal Practice Series: Intuitive Movement

    Welcome to my personal practice! Use this video as a guide to help you find your own intuitive movement practice. Go inside, listen to what your body needs, and move with your breath. Find what feels good for YOU!

  • Kriya Sexual Health & Menopause

    You are going to love this short, but sweet kundalini Kriya designed for our sexual health. We start off strong and end in bliss.

  • Healing from Miscarriage Meditation (25-min)

    This highly requested meditation goes back to the science of yoga. I offer you two mudras, and a guided visualization, to try and help you through this time of grief and loss. Sending you love <3

  • [NEW] Kundalini 3rd and 4th Chakra Activation (20-min)

    In this short, but powerful, Kundalini Kriya we will adjust the flow of energy between the third and fourth chakra. This will make you feel vibrant allowing you to live with crystal clarity. Use your breath to support you when things get tough, let's get started!

  • Restorative Yoga for Type A People (20-min)

    This is a short restorative class for those that struggle with restorative yoga. This class is more on the active end of the spectrum, so not your typical restorative yoga class.Grab a block and bolsters if you have them, and let's get started!

  • Fascial Fitness Unwind

    Get ready to relax and unwind in this special class focused on intuitive movement (with lots of guidance and suggestions offered!). You'll want to simply be on a blanket (no mat required) if you have
    hardwood floors, or directly on the carpet if your home has rugs. This practice is fantastic fo...

  • Fascial Fitness Dance

    Roll up your mat! It's not needed today! In today's class, we just dance! Your fascia loves chaos, and dancing is one of the best ways to take your body into new patterns of movement. Keep in mind, this class isn't about mastering "the steps" or following along with the exact routine. Move in you...

  • Fascial Fitness Relaxation

    In this video, we let go of unconscious bracing patterns in the body through a deep relaxation. You can do this lying down on your mat or in your bed. If you can, prop up your knees to take any pressure out of your low back. Dim the lights or place an eye pillow over your eyes if you can. So many...

  • Fascial Fitness Full Body

    Come to this total body fascial fitness routine over-and-over again for optimal health and well-being. In this practice, we move in wave-like motions to hydrate our connective tissue. This is often called "undulation." Think of it like spiral yoga. These movements are healing for the the body and...

  • Kundalini Meditation for Self Love (25-Min)

    This Kundalini meditation is for self love, an area so many of us struggle with. We will use very specific mudras to stimulate certain nadis in the body to generate feeling s of self love.

  • Quick Morning Prenatal Stretch + Squats (20 min)

    This is a 20 minute Prenatal Morning Yoga Routine to help you wake-up and go. Safe and Appropriate for all 3 trimesters. If you're feeling stiff and in need of some stretching of the areas that need to be stretched. Also good to start up your heart and keep the blood pumping. This pregnancy yoga ...

  • Arm & Core Strengthening Yoga (25-min)

    Tone your upper body (and core) with this heating flow. Remember to smile when things get challenging, and have fun!!

  • Mommy & Me - Quick Yoga Stretch + Workout with Infant (20-min)

    Join Alex and me as I show you a quick yoga routine you can do with your little one. This is a fun way to get in some yoga and gaze at your baby all at the same time.

    P.S. You don't need to have a baby to enjoy this class! It's a nice gentle strengthen and stretch you can do any time.