4 Week Fitness Kickstart

4 Week Fitness Kickstart

This class plan was designed for those of you who are ready to hit the mat 7 days a week to add more movement in your life.
Each day focuses on a specific area of the body, and has a nice balance of strength classes and recovery classes.

Journaling Prompt:
1. What is ONE item in your diet you would like to reduce, or eliminate? (sugar, switching a snack from chips to fruit, choosing grilled chicken over fried)
2. List the steps you can take to to start working toward this goal by the end of 30 days

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4 Week Fitness Kickstart
  • Fitness Kick Start (1).pdf

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  • Kundalini Meditation for Self Love (25-Min)

    This Kundalini meditation is for self love, an area so many of us struggle with. We will use very specific mudras to stimulate certain nadis in the body to generate feeling s of self love.

  • Day 14 - Kundalini Meditation for Stress & Fear | Reset Your Brain's Electromagnetic Field (15-Min)

    Alter the currency of your nervous system! In this short, insanely powerful meditation, we bust through stress and reset our brain's electromagnetic field. We do this through practicing Breath of Fire with Lion's Paw mudra, criss-crossing the wrists above the head. We end in a blissful, silent, s...

  • Manifest Your Vision, Kundalini Meditation - 11 Minutes

    KUNDALINI TRAINING PLAN Calendar: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/435269/kundalini-calendar.pdf
    Booklet: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/435279/kundalini-taining-plan-booklet-v03.pdf

  • Chakra 3 - Meditation (16-Minutes)

    Welcome to our third chakra or solar plexus chakra meditation. This guided meditation for week 3 of the chakra challenge is to improve your willpower and motivation by activating your fiery, yellow energy center to ignite transformation.

  • Yoga Sculpt - Arms

    We put our body weight on our arms all the time in yoga, but in this class, I took it a step farther and created a sequence specifically designed to sculpt every aspect of the arms and shoulders. Together we move through arm sculpting micro-movements (keep it small!) inspired by my time at dance ...

  • Yoga for Tight Traps - Uplifted (50-Min)

    This brand new class incorporates a lot of new sequencing a began playing with in New York this fall. Focus is on releasing your traps and low back. The perfect counter-class to a month of sculpting.

  • [Members Only] Yoga for Abs - 20 & 45 Minute Options

    Make sure to download the PDF training guide that goes with this collection => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlYWUwMXZFWGFUdVE/view?usp=sharing

  • Day 4 - Flow into Wild Thing | Heart Opening Vinyasa Flow (30-Min)

    Wild Thing is a lateral stretch, a backbend, and a juicy heart opener. Approach this beautiful peak pose through a comprehensive Vinyasa practice in which we break this posture down by warming up component parts of the body. This Wild Thing tutorial is taught flow style. Release your expectation ...

  • Yoga Sculpt - Seat

    Get the guide: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/338321/YGS_guide.pdf
    Seat toning videos are always highly requested on my channel, and this is the most intense seat sculpting workout I have ever put out there. In this floor exercise, we are strengthening all the surround...

  • Kundalini Yoga For Digestion (20-min)

    This Kriya is for your digestive system, if you have been having issues or just want to get things moving. Great if you're new to Kundalini!

  • [Member-Only] Yin - Make Love to Your Hips (60-Min)

    We will go deep into the hips in this yin style class. Have all your props handy and show your hips some love. P.S. If you love pigeon pose, this is the class for you!

  • Arm & Core Strengthening Yoga (25-min)

    Tone your upper body (and core) with this heating flow. Remember to smile when things get challenging, and have fun!!

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Mobilize & Stabilize Shoulders & Low Back (60-minutes)

    If you're looking for something a bit more active, this yummy class opens the shoulders and low back with a focus on stability.

    This sequence is designed to stretch, mobilize and then stabilize the low back and shoulders. If you have tight shoulders or low back pain, this 60-minute slow vinya...

  • Yoga Sculpt - Core

    As a yogi or athlete, you know core strength is everything. But how do we access our deep transverse abdominals (the ones that power inversions and dives) without straining the head, neck and shoulders? This Core Sculpting class is the answer. We move through a variety of plank and seat-based exe...

  • Vinyasa Flow (30-Min) | Beginner Friendly Full Body Flow

    Vinyasa yoga classes are known for their fluid, dance-like movements. In this class, we'll smoothly transition between poses, at the speed of one breath per movement. This full-body flow is great for both the beginner and the experienced yogi. Get ready to create some heat in this balanced, 30-mi...

  • Yoga Sculpt - Legs (Chair Required)

    This class requires a chair, which we'll use as an impromptu ballet bar in this Yoga Sculpt for your legs. Through teeny, tiny isometric movements, we tone the inner thighs, quads, calves and stabilizing muscles of the knee and ankle joint. Thank goodness we have yoga to stretch all these areas w...

  • Energizing Flow Quick Suns and Hips - (15-Min)

    In this class we warm the body with some quick Sun Salutations before coming to the floor for some feel good stretches. This one is a great for a quick morning practice too!

  • Fascial Fitness Full Body

    Come to this total body fascial fitness routine over-and-over again for optimal health and well-being. In this practice, we move in wave-like motions to hydrate our connective tissue. This is often called "undulation." Think of it like spiral yoga. These movements are healing for the the body and...

  • Day 1 - Upper Body Yoga Workout (40-Min)

    Welcome to Detox Yoga Fusion - a new series in which we're blending Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini yoga into serene workouts that are 20 - 45 minutes in length. In today's class, clear your mental blocks while toning and sculpting your arms. We flow Vinyasa-style to wake up the whole body. Then, our ...

  • Brazilian Yoga Sculpt - Amazing Cross Training! (20-Min)

    I know I am bias but I LOVED this workout. I feel like it goes straight to the heart of all the work I *need* but never want to do (aka lunges, push-ups and intense core work). Do not give up. It’s hard to get through, but you will feel SO strong (and sore) after. I felt this in my body for days ...

  • Yoga for Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain (75-min Full Length Yoga Class)

    This vinyasa flow yoga sequence is designed to dissolve tension in the shoulders and also prepare you for dancer pose. If your shoulders are achey, tense, or you've been stressed or at a computer all day, this vinyasa sequence is exactly what you need!

    Note that this is a slower flow class wit...

  • Beginner Kundalini Yoga Day 5 Weight Loss and Core

    Day 5 of our Kundalini for total beginner series. Today we have a bit of a core focus, introducing a new posture that is challenging, but really activates the naval center.

  • Day 5 - Full Body Yoga Flow | Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin (30-min)

    Heat and detoxify the body quickly with Kundalini-inspired standing twists and breath work. Flow through a Vinyasa sequence designed to open the side body, the hamstrings, and IT band. End with a heart opening Yin posture. A perfect 30-minute practice for when you want to slow down, while also op...