45-Min or Less

45-Min or Less

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45-Min or Less
  • [NEW] Twist and Balance Flow - 40

  • Lakshmi Abundance Meditation/Relaxation

    This is a meditation to invite in abundance by invoking the goddess Lakshmi. Approach this from a place of abundance, as opposed to from a place of lacking. You can do this meditation seated or lying down, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

  • Lunar Yin Yoga + Chandra Bhedana - 45 min

    I am so excited to share this Yin style class with you! We begin with Chandra Bhedana, to get us more in touch with our cooling feminine energy. I then guide you through a beautiful meditation before we move into the yin portion of the class.

  • [New] Magnificent 9 for Radiance & Beauty (40-min)

    This kriya, recommended for women specifically, is called the Magnificent 9. It is designed to help maintain our inner and outter beauty. Enjoy!

  • Yoga for Shoulder & Neck Tension (45 min)

    I am so excited to share this with you! This is the first class I filmed in my very own studio space!
    We focus on the shoulders and neck, an area so many of carry tension in. This is a short class you can come to when you are feeling stressed and want to work out the kinks in these areas.

  • [NEW] Yoga + Crystal Healing (45-min)

    Many of you have asked for a class for working with your crystals, it's finally here! Today's sequence is all about integrating your crystals into your practice. No crystals, no worries! Everyone can enjoy this soothing class.

  • [NEW] Moon Salute Flow - 40-min

    In this class I combine some of my favorite moon salutes into one soothing flow.

  • Fascial Fitness Spine

    A perfect compliment to yoga and pilates, this practice opens the interconnective tissue along the spine. This chain is often called the "myofascial back line," and it affects our posture and ability to walk and stand. A tight myofascial back line often results in back pain, disc herniations, and...

  • Fascial Fitness Hips

    Explore and release the interconnective tissue in the hips, an area that's often tight for most of us (especially if you sit, drive or work at a desk). We take variations on traditional Yin yoga and hip stretches to work directly with the interconnective tissue. This class is healing, soothing an...

  • [NEW] Yoga for Fertility & Creativity (35-min)

    Set your intention and cultivate surrender. In this class we invite in fluidity as we move through our flow. Let your breath move you, let your intuition take over, and let yourself receive.

  • Day 16 - Half Hour Half Moon Sequence | Yoga Balancing Poses (30-Min)

    Practice the balancing posture Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana) in this energizing, yet soothing, flow class. We begin with Vinyasa yoga, practicing our balance and warming up all the component parts of the body we'll need for Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana). We end with some short, refreshing Kundali...

  • Day 11 - 7th Chakra Activation | Kundalini Yoga Kriya | Set Your Foundation, then Reach Infinity | Crown Chakra (35-Min)

    In this full Kundalini Kriya, we work on the area of the pelvis to set a solid foundation for ascension. We move through a set of twists, arm-strengtheners and squats, making this a total body practice accessible to students of all levels! We end with a Meditation for the Tenth Gate (the Crown Ch...

  • Day 3 - Yin/Yang Yoga (35-Min)

    Play with the qualities of Yin & Yang (receptivity versus activity) in this energetic exploration. An ideal practice for when you're feeling tired or lethargic. Try this and watch your energy transform! We start close to the ground in delicious Yin hip openers. We coax the body to wake up and gen...

  • Day 18 - Yoga for Your Lungs | Kundalini Kriya | Expand Your Lung Capacity | Enter a Deep Meditative State (45-Min)

    Expand your lung capacity in this full Kundalini set! We've worked our way towards a full Kundalini Kriya -- this is an all Kundalini class. First, we open the lungs through specific breathing exercises. We strengthening our magnetic field with exercises to prepare us for deep meditation. This wh...

  • Day 12 - Lower Back Strengthening Yoga | Strengthen & Release | Vinyasa + Yin (40-Min)

    Bring your full attention to the low back - a problem area for so many of us. This sequence systematically strengthens, and then releases the low back and lower section of the spine. Warm-up with some Kundalini-inspired twists. Heat the body profoundly through a set of low back strengthening exer...

  • Day 7 - Yoga for Flexibility | Side Split "Middle Splits" Tutorial | Vinyasa + Yin 💕 (45-Min)

    Three words: hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstrings! In this juicy class, we focus on our hamstrings and hips in order to come into front splits or "middle splits." Coming into the full split is not required. This class is designed for yogis of all levels. Modifications are given along the way. Enjoy...

  • Day 9 - Creative Hips & Hamstrings Yoga Sequence | Yin + Vinyasa (40-Min)

    Start slow as we melt into juicy Yin postures for the hips and hamstrings. Flow through standing Vinyasa postures with a refined awareness of these areas. Continue to open this hips with a creative lunge series and soothing stretches. At the end, we do a special exercise to shake it all off and p...

  • Day 1 - Upper Body Yoga Workout (40-Min)

    Welcome to Detox Yoga Fusion - a new series in which we're blending Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini yoga into serene workouts that are 20 - 45 minutes in length. In today's class, clear your mental blocks while toning and sculpting your arms. We flow Vinyasa-style to wake up the whole body. Then, our ...

  • Journey into Virasana (Hero's Pose) | Deep Quad Opening - Uplifted Masterclass | Hatha Yoga Style - 45 min

    In this class, we profoundly open the quads to come into the full expression of Virasana, Hero's Pose. Many stopping points are offered along the way. This is a Hatha Style class.

  • Deeply Nourish and Restore (45-min)

    Relax and restore as we surrender to gravity and sink into the support of our props in this amazing class. Have all of your props handy! If you don't have props no worries, you can grab pillows and blankets from your bed!

  • Shoulder Bliss - Hatha Yoga Slow Flow (45-Min)

    his yoga class is all about stretches for your shoulders. This yummy sequence of yoga poses will help you to stretch your shoulders in all sorts of creative ways. Perfect if you have stiff shoulders and are seeking shoulder pain relief. This Yoga for Shoulders sequence includes stretches that can...

  • Total Body Yoga Workout (45-min)

    This is a full body yoga workout in a vinyasa flow style. In this video, I'll show you an amazing weightloss yoga routine. It's a total body yoga workout for all levels including beginners.

  • Yoga Sequence for Your Shoulders, Neck & Side Body (45-min) - Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

    This juicy class really loosens up stiff muscles in the neck, lengthens the side body and relaxes the shoulders. Gift yourself this 45-min practice.

  • Yoga Journal Meditation (45-Min)

    his class is a yoga, journaling, and meditation combo practice. We combine movement, writing in your journal and doing meditation in a way that's personal and interconnected for you. These three practices can often we hard to weave together on your own. In this 45 minute video we will do all 3 (y...