Alignment Hacks Studio Schedule

Alignment Hacks Studio Schedule

DOWNLOAD THIS TRAINING PLAN! Click the ".PDF" file (usually listed as the first item below). It looks like a black square and is titled "Uplifted Alignment Calendar Plan.pdf"

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Alignment Hacks Studio Schedule
  • Uplifted Alignment Calendar Plan.pdf

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  • Yoga Secrets: Downdog to Plank

    Downdog to Plank- In this video of our Secret Alignment Hacks Series we will explore how to make your alignment correct when coming from downdog to plank, and then back to downdog. Every person is proportioned differently, so we will learn how to adjust for our individual bodies.

    Alignment Hac...

  • Shoulder Saver Yoga Routine | Anti-Backpack Anti-Desk Workout for Open Shoulders

    This yoga sequence is designed to open your shoulders and chest, as well as stretch out your low back. We start on the floor taking it easy at first (well, not totally easy, it's a very deep shoulder stretch). Then we flow through standing poses and a unique back bending sequence I've been really...

  • Yoga + Meditation Combo for Energy and Stress Relief (30-min) - Shift Out of Anxiety

    This total beginner yoga class is appropriate for all levels. It's gentle, therapeutic, and avoids putting pressure on the wrists.

  • Immune Boosting Yoga Sequence (60-Min)

    This is a one hour (60 minute) vinyasa flow sequence with luxurious spirals and circular movements to stimulate the lymphatic system and boost your body's immune system. Whether you are sick, recovering from a cold, or think you may be getting sick, you will feel open and revived after this pract...

  • Yoga Secrets: Standing Poses

    Standing Poses- In this video of our Secret Alignment Hacks Series we explore the "foot swivel" in our standing poses.This is super helpful to get deeper into your standing poses, and refine your alignment.

  • Day 18 INTEGRATION - Open Your Shoulders, Heart & Soul - 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul

    This 30-min flow allows you to refine your alignment while also experiencing big, feel-good movements. The focus is opening the shoulders and detoxing the body through standing & seated twists.

  • Hips, IT Band & Flow in 10-Minutes (Fast Hip & IT Band Stretches)

    This total beginner yoga class is appropriate for all levels. In it, I've put together my favorite feel good poses like lunges, shoulder openers and hip openers. Don't worry. No prior yoga experience is required!

  • Release Your Inner Control Freak Yoga (60-min) w/ Optional Music - Yoga for Stress Relief Sequence

    Release your inner control freak with this yoga for stress release sequence. If you have control freak tendencies (like me), this athletic sequence with bring your control freak personality through unwinding, releasing, sweating, and let go.


  • Yoga Secrets: Spidy Hands

    Spidy Hands- In this video of our Secret Alignment Hacks Series we explore "spidy hands". This is the secret to opening through the chest more and deepening our twists.

  • Easy Morning Yoga Sequence to Start Your Day Right (under 10 minutes!)

    Just getting 10-minutes of morning yoga in can really shift your perspective and change your whole day. This yoga sequence clocks in at less than 9-minutes - so no excuse not to give it a go, even on those mornings when you think you're short on time ;)

  • Day 14 SWEETNESS - Center Yourself in Your Heart Meditation - 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul

    This 18-minute meditation grounds you into your heart space. Perfect if you’re feeling restless or anxious.

  • Yoga for Athletes - Vinyasa Flow Yoga Great to do After Cardio Workout (55 min)

    This is a vinyasa flow yoga sequence that's ideal to do after a cardio workout. So if you jogged, ran, biked, or walked a lot, flow through this practice in which we'll relax, replenish and refresh all the areas of your body that get torn up from intense cardio.

  • Yoga Secrets: Mat Hacks

    Mat Hacks- In this video of our Secret Alignment Hacks Series we will explore some yoga mat hacks.Use these fold overs to protect your knees, make your bones more comfortable, and enhance your practice.

  • Personal Morning Yoga Practice Class - Create Your own Yoga sequence

    Creating your own personal practice is so rewarding. Knowing how to flow through yoga poses you need, on your own is incredibly special. However, it can be hard to get started.

    In this video, I flow through my own improvised morning yoga routine giving you tons of options and suggestions for ...

  • Post Run Sun Salute - Yoga for Runners - IT Band Stretch (12-min)

    A special yoga sun salute just for runners! Perfect little yoga stretch to do after you run. While having a yoga mat is obviously a plus, you can do this stretch without a mat, and do just all or part of it once you get the hang of the rhythm and how it works.

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Mobilize & Stabilize Shoulders & Low Back (60-minutes)

    If you're looking for something a bit more active, this yummy class opens the shoulders and low back with a focus on stability.

    This sequence is designed to stretch, mobilize and then stabilize the low back and shoulders. If you have tight shoulders or low back pain, this 60-minute slow vinya...

  • Yoga Secrets: Hamstring Flexibility Hacks

    Hamstrings- In this video of our Secret Alignment Hacks Series we will explore tips to increase our hamstring flexibility.

  • Yin for Tight Hips - 45 Min

    This video is a hybrid sequence of gentle hip opening yoga and restorative yin yoga for your tight hips. For this class I would like you to have bolsters, blankets and blocks. Or if you don't have yoga props, you can still join us by grabbing pillows, couch cushions so you can set up these yoga p...

  • Day 15 CORE - Extreme Abs - 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul

    More of an ab series than a traditional yoga class, this choreography of crunches helps you find your obliques and get them burning. Sigh it out with relaxing counter poses like Bridge and Sphinx.

  • Yoga for Anxiety - Stress Management - Relief Flow (60 min)

    This is a "yoga for anxiety" stress relief vinyasa flow class that will get you grounded.

    All yoga is generally great for stress and anxiety, but I designed this "Yoga for Anxiety" class with the theme of "grounding" in mind during a time when I was feeling particularly stressed, overwhelmed ...

  • Yoga Nap Yin "Blissapline" (20 Min)

    This yoga class is for when you're tired and you're looking for a restorative yoga to replenish your energy from exhaustion. This is also a wonderful yoga nap where you can relax, stay cozy and replenish yourself. Come join me in this 20 minute yoga class.