Anahata Heart Chakra Classes

Anahata Heart Chakra Classes

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Anahata Heart Chakra Classes
  • Chakra 4 - Meditation (18-min)

    This is our heart chakra meditation for week 4 of the Chakra Challenge. It's time to open yourself to love and compassion by doing this guided meditation with me.

    The fourth chakra or anahata chakra is the center of our body's chakra system. It is the wellspring of warmth, compassion, joy and...

  • [NEW] Gratitude Practice Vinyasa Flow - 12 mins

  • RITUAL | Face My Fears | Chakra 4

    Open your heart in this fourth chakra flow including backbends, lunges, and shoulder openers. As we expand our heart center, we remember that our fears are simply a set of assumptions that go unquestioned over time. It can be hard for us to face our fear. We’ve been taught not to run fr...

  • Shoulder Saver Yoga Routine | Anti-Backpack Anti-Desk Workout for Open Shoulders

    This yoga sequence is designed to open your shoulders and chest, as well as stretch out your low back. We start on the floor taking it easy at first (well, not totally easy, it's a very deep shoulder stretch). Then we flow through standing poses and a unique back bending sequence I've been really...

  • Balance Your Heart Chakra - Kundalini Kriya - 50 min

    n this Kundalini Yoga Class, we will be focusing on opening your heart chakra in this intense sequence which includes the Breath Of Fire Pranayama a signature in the kundalini kriya practice. It's time to expand your heart's center through this kundalini kriya yoga sequence. Remember that Kundali...

  • Be Thankful - Gratitude Meditation

    Gratitude Meditation Guided - In this video, we will practicing a guided gratitude meditation. This practice will help you center and cultivate the feeling of gratitude and being thankful in your daily life.

    Everyday is a good day to cultivate the things that we are grateful for at the same ti...

  • [NEW] Heart Opening Hatha for Beginners -15 mins

  • Day 5 JOY - Open Heart & Upper Back - 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul

    This 20-minute yoga sequence is all about opening the chest, the shoulders and feeling good! We flow through lunges, side body stretches and even a toe-stretch.

  • Day 4 - Flow into Wild Thing | Heart Opening Vinyasa Flow (30-Min)

    Wild Thing is a lateral stretch, a backbend, and a juicy heart opener. Approach this beautiful peak pose through a comprehensive Vinyasa practice in which we break this posture down by warming up component parts of the body. This Wild Thing tutorial is taught flow style. Release your expectation ...

  • Backbending Yoga Sequence: How to do Full Wheel (45-Min) | Backbending Yoga Flow

    This yoga flow prepares the body for full wheel (or bridge). Perfect class if you're wanting to work on your backbends!

  • [NEW] Hold Everything with Love - Heart chakra Meditation

    This class includes 3 pranayama techinques:
    Breath of Fire, Sitali and Alternate Nostril breathing.

    Review the tutorials on these first if pranayama is new to you.
    - Breath of Fire:
    - Sitali:

  • [NEW] Beginner Yoga Stretches for Wrist Pain & Carpal Tunnel -10mins

  • Chakra 4 - Yoga Class (35-Min)

    These heart chakra yoga poses are our gateway to love, joy and inner peace. Today, we are going to have a yoga class focusing on the fourth chakra or the anahata chakra. Welcome to week 4 of the chakra challenge! The fourth chakra is a powerful point of intersection, located at the area of your h...

  • [Elemental] Day 4 - Deep Breathing Yoga Flow - 20 Min

    Deep breathing yoga! Delicious Hatha flow with super deep breathing. Connect with the air element and the heart chakra!

    EL8 Class Assembly UP

  • Yoga for Your Upper Back - Hour Long Flow (60-min)

    This class is a re-set for your Upper Back. Get rid of all of the tension that you carry around with you. Let your breath infuse this entire practice. Let your breath fuel your movement, let it calm your system, and let it stretch your body. Get ready for the ultimate upper back release!!


  • Kundalini Meditation for Self Love (25-Min)

    This Kundalini meditation is for self love, an area so many of us struggle with. We will use very specific mudras to stimulate certain nadis in the body to generate feeling s of self love.

  • [Elemental] Day 10 - Hatha Flow w/ Deep Breathing Exercises- 25 Min

    Increase your lung capacity through deep breathing exercises in this sweet hatha flow. Open yourself up to receive more air and love! Heart chakra focus.

  • Day 8 - Reset Your Energy | Yoga + Meditation (Gentle Vinyasa + Powerful Kundalini - 20-Min)

    Invite in the energy you want to attract! This sequence opens the chest and upper body through gentle Vinyasa. Then, we power up our practice with an advanced Kundalini meditation in which we hold the arms above the head for 7-minutes! Please work up to this and take breaks if you need to. An ide...

  • [NEW] Chair Yoga for Your Back - 10mins

  • Yoga for Tight Traps - Uplifted (50-Min)

    This brand new class incorporates a lot of new sequencing a began playing with in New York this fall. Focus is on releasing your traps and low back. The perfect counter-class to a month of sculpting.