Foam Rolling/ MFR

Foam Rolling/ MFR

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Foam Rolling/ MFR
  • [Elemental] Day 13 - Therapeutic Yoga Sequence | Self Myofascial Release -20 Min

    This is a myofascial release yoga class. This gentle, therapeutic yoga class connects you with mother earth.

  • Fascial Fitness Unwind

    Get ready to relax and unwind in this special class focused on intuitive movement (with lots of guidance and suggestions offered!). You'll want to simply be on a blanket (no mat required) if you have
    hardwood floors, or directly on the carpet if your home has rugs. This practice is fantastic fo...

  • Fascial Fitness Dance

    Roll up your mat! It's not needed today! In today's class, we just dance! Your fascia loves chaos, and dancing is one of the best ways to take your body into new patterns of movement. Keep in mind, this class isn't about mastering "the steps" or following along with the exact routine. Move in you...

  • Fascial Fitness Spine

    A perfect compliment to yoga and pilates, this practice opens the interconnective tissue along the spine. This chain is often called the "myofascial back line," and it affects our posture and ability to walk and stand. A tight myofascial back line often results in back pain, disc herniations, and...

  • Fascial Fitness Hips

    Explore and release the interconnective tissue in the hips, an area that's often tight for most of us (especially if you sit, drive or work at a desk). We take variations on traditional Yin yoga and hip stretches to work directly with the interconnective tissue. This class is healing, soothing an...

  • Fascial Fitness Trailer

  • Fascial Fitness Relaxation

    In this video, we let go of unconscious bracing patterns in the body through a deep relaxation. You can do this lying down on your mat or in your bed. If you can, prop up your knees to take any pressure out of your low back. Dim the lights or place an eye pillow over your eyes if you can. So many...

  • Fascial Fitness Full Body

    Come to this total body fascial fitness routine over-and-over again for optimal health and well-being. In this practice, we move in wave-like motions to hydrate our connective tissue. This is often called "undulation." Think of it like spiral yoga. These movements are healing for the the body and...

  • [INTRO] Watch this First! -- Self Massage Month Intro

    Download this calendar and booklet

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage Lower Body Foam Roller

    Gather your props and foam roller for this 40 minute class. We begin by stretching our feet, ankles, and calves. After this we foam roll the lower leg with a focus on the ankle.

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage w/ Ball Rolling: Hips & Low Back

    Rest assured that this is the hips and low back video and ignore the editing error in the introduction. Grab all of your props, your massage ball of choice, and get ready to relax. We will be using single point pressure and our own intuitive movement to massage into our hips and low back.

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage w/ Ball Rolling: Shoulders and Upper Back

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage Upper Body Foam Roller

    In this extended, members only class we do some easy shoulder openers before coming to the foam roller to deeply open our chest and shoulders with gentle movement.

  • MFR with the Yoga Wheel

    So many of you got a yoga wheel for Christmas! In this brand new class, I walk you through some of my favorite fascial stretches using the yoga wheel. We take a primarily myofascial release/yin approach, but there's a little lunge and core section to heat you up at the very end. Enjoy!

    Don't o...

  • Post Cardio Recovery - 30 min

    This class requires SO MANY props (including a foam roller), but is SO worth it. Pull your props out -- you'll love me later I swear. I have no idea how I came up with this series of movements but it's MAGIC for your hips and IT bands. I hope you love it as much as me!

  • Foam Rolling for Flexibility

    In this class, physical therapist Jen Esquer teaches us how to best foam roll our legs in preparation for splits. Even if you have no desire to do the splits, this foam rolling is session has *so many great tips* from her. It's also a bit of a core workout too! Try this class today, and before yo...

  • Foam Roller - Ultimate Low Back Stretch

    It's low back week! This whole last week of February is dedicated to our low backs. I have SO many low pain focused classes, so feel free to also pick your own. But these are some of my favorites. We kick it off with a brand NEW class in which I show my favorite way to foam roll my low back. This...

  • Foam Roller Exercises- How to Use a Foam Roller

    In this video, I explain how to use a foam roller and show you my favorite foam roller exercises. Foam rolling has so many benefits for your muscles and fascia. Here I go over roller exercises for your back, quads and IT band.