Hips & Seat

Hips & Seat

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Hips & Seat
  • Day 7 - Yoga for Flexibility | Side Split "Middle Splits" Tutorial | Vinyasa + Yin πŸ’• (45-Min)

    Three words: hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstrings! In this juicy class, we focus on our hamstrings and hips in order to come into front splits or "middle splits." Coming into the full split is not required. This class is designed for yogis of all levels. Modifications are given along the way. Enjoy...

  • Day 13 - Balance Flow for Warrior III (30-Min)

    Deep dive into Warrior III. We start on the floor with hip and hamstring stretches to refine our understanding of the pose. Next, we work with a chair (or use your wall) to further enhance our alignment. With our mechanics refined, we practice coming in and out of the pose via heating lunges befo...

  • Core + Hips (Stepping Your Foot Through)

    This class open with an awesome abs and hip opening routine (10 min) and then continues into a short workshop for those of you who are trying to get the foot through from downdog to your standing warrior poses. Let me know if this helps with this! xoxo

  • [NEW] Yin Extra Long Holds - Hips & Shoulders - 70 min

    The long holds in this class enable you to truly let go. Notice where you are gripping and really let that release. Use your breath to go deep into relaxation and feel the difference in your body.

  • [Elemental] Day 5 - Unwind Shoulder Knots & Hip Tension - 30 min

    Yoga for shoulders and hips! This easeful flows stretches the shoulders, low back and hips. Perfect for shoulder and upper back pain. We focus on the element of water, chakra 2 and fluid movements.

  • [Elemental] Day 9- Relaxing Hip Opening Flow πŸ’Ÿ Aaaah -12 Min

    This is a feel good yoga chakra flow focused on increasing hip flexibility. Let's enjoy delicious spiral movements together.

  • Sculpting Yoga for Thighs and Core (60-minutes)

    In this intermediate/advanced class we work to sculpt the thighs and strengthen the core. Let's build some heat with this fun flow!

  • Fascial Fitness Hips

    Explore and release the interconnective tissue in the hips, an area that's often tight for most of us (especially if you sit, drive or work at a desk). We take variations on traditional Yin yoga and hip stretches to work directly with the interconnective tissue. This class is healing, soothing an...

  • Day 15 - Yin Yoga for Hip Flexibility | Deep Yin Pigeon Hold (25-Min)

    Sometimes, keeping it simple is the sweetest thing! In this deep, soothing Yin class, we hold Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), a deep hip opener, for 7-minutes on each side. If you've never experienced a 7-minute pigeon hold, you are in for a treat! If pigeon pose is sometimes a struggle fo...

  • Day 9 - Creative Hips & Hamstrings Yoga Sequence | Yin + Vinyasa (40-Min)

    Start slow as we melt into juicy Yin postures for the hips and hamstrings. Flow through standing Vinyasa postures with a refined awareness of these areas. Continue to open this hips with a creative lunge series and soothing stretches. At the end, we do a special exercise to shake it all off and p...

  • Hatha Flow | Hips, Side Body, Low Back (25-min)

    Slow down, strengthen, and lengthen with this sweet Hatha flow. Drop in and connect with your breath when things get tough πŸ˜‰

  • Energizing Flow Quick Suns and Hips - (15-Min)

    In this class we warm the body with some quick Sun Salutations before coming to the floor for some feel good stretches. This one is a great for a quick morning practice too!

  • Easy Hip Stretches - Beginners & All Levels (15-min)

    Check out the extended, 60-min member-only version of this new class as well, called "Yin - Make Love to Your Hips"

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage w/ Ball Rolling: Hips & Low Back

    Rest assured that this is the hips and low back video and ignore the editing error in the introduction. Grab all of your props, your massage ball of choice, and get ready to relax. We will be using single point pressure and our own intuitive movement to massage into our hips and low back.

  • [Member-Only] Yin - Make Love to Your Hips (60-Min)

    We will go deep into the hips in this yin style class. Have all your props handy and show your hips some love. P.S. If you love pigeon pose, this is the class for you!

  • Yin for Your Hips & Low Back

    Gather your props and get ready for some intense hip opening. Double pigeon is our main pose in this class and it can be intense! If you are new to yoga or this pose isn’t feeling right for you today use the modification in the video. Use your props and get comfortable because we are in this pose...

  • Swim through the Air

    I had created this class in partnership with SwimOutlet.com as a Yoga for Swimmer routine. It's actually just an AWESOME quickie routine that everyone can enjoy (even if you've never set foot in a pool). The spiral movements that open the side body and intercostal muscles are my favorite. Imagine...

  • Brazilian Butt Sculpt

    Okay, okay, I know it's the therapeutics month, but I couldn't help sneaking one final sculpt-style class in. Especially because this is one of my FAVORITE classes ever. Honestly, I don't know what it is about this class, but I feel like it targets ALL the areas we don't strengthen enough in our ...

  • Ultimate Butt Toning Workout for Greatist - 10 Min - Firming, Toning, Leads to a Bigger Butt

    The focus here is tiny, one-inch pulses (isometric movements) to sculpt and the seat. While there are way fancier seat sculpting routines that utilize Jane Fonda-type moves side-lying or standing routines at a ballet bar, THIS routine is my favorite, and the ones clients have told me give them th...

  • Lazy Yoga - Easy Yin-Inspired Yoga Sequence for When You Need a Break - Great for Beginners

    In this easy yoga sequence, we stretch the hamstrings, hips, and low back. YUM! This is exactly what my personal yoga practice looks like when I'm stressed, overworked, overtired or just too fatigued to stand up. Even if you are exhausted, you will feel so much better after 15-minutes of Yin yoga...

  • Gentle Yoga Neck + Hips (45min)

    This is a gentle yoga flow for total beginners. This 45 minute gentle yoga class for your neck and hips will be a nice combo of some gentle movement and the second half would be all yin yoga sequence, we are just going to bliss out.

    So this is a nice way that I like to personally practice is t...

  • Rejuvinate Yoga Hip and Upper Back

    This total beginner yoga class is appropriate for all levels. In it, I've put together my favorite feel good poses like lunges, shoulder openers and hip openers.

  • Yoga Sequence for Hip Pain (35-min) - Gentle Hip Opening Flow

    Yoga for hip pain. In this hip opening yoga class, we start gentle, on the floor, then do a few strategic standing poses to heat the body before closing.

    We hold our deepest emotions in our hips, according to the yogis. In this "slow flow" vinyasa class we focus on making space in the hips fi...

  • Yin Yoga for Hips Deep Relaxtion with Music

    This total beginner yoga class is appropriate for all levels. In it, I've put together my favorite feel good poses like lunges, shoulder openers and hip openers. Don't worry. No prior yoga experience is required!