DOWNLOAD BOTH THIS CALENDAR AND BOOKLET! Click the ".PDF" file (usually listed as the first item below). It looks like a black square and is titled "Uplifted Kundalini Training Plan.pdf" Download the Kundalini Month calendar plan only by clicking "Uplifted Kundalini Calendar Plan.pdf" DOWNLOAD BOTH! Enjoy!

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  • Uplifted Kundalini Training Plan.pdf

    2.99 MB

  • Uplifted Kundalini Calendar Plan.pdf

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  • Uplifted Member-Only Kundalini Live Call

    -What is a Kriya?
    -When should I practice kundalini?
    -Why should I practice kundalini?
    -Triggers as lessons
    -Subtle body energy
    -Kundalini pranayama (Breath of Fire etc.)
    -Resources on Kundalini

  • Low Back Pain Release - Yoga Low Back Stretch (10-minute stretch)

    Kundalini Month Calendar => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlbmQzQ1lNVVZOLWc/view?usp=sharing

    Kundalini Month Booklet => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlOGN6Mk1XTDBieGM/view?usp=sharing

    This is my go-to exercise whenever my low back feels out of whack. It's simple, ...

  • [Members-Only] Allison Low Back Class

    Most of us have low back pain because our low back's are not as STRONG as they need to be. Let's revisit Allison's low back strengthening class. These kind of exercises are SO needed! Especially for those of us that tend to overarch in our lumbar spine.

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Mobilize & Stabilize Shoulders & Low Back (60-minutes)

    If you're looking for something a bit more active, this yummy class opens the shoulders and low back with a focus on stability.

    This sequence is designed to stretch, mobilize and then stabilize the low back and shoulders. If you have tight shoulders or low back pain, this 60-minute slow vinya...

  • [PLEASE REVIEW] Breath of Fire Tutorial

    KUNDALINI TRAINING PLAN Calendar: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/435269/kundalini-calendar.pdf
    Booklet: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/435279/kundalini-taining-plan-booklet-v03.pdf

    This short video is a tutorial on how to do breath of fi...

  • Manifest Your Vision, Kundalini Meditation - 11 Minutes

    KUNDALINI TRAINING PLAN Calendar: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/435269/kundalini-calendar.pdf
    Booklet: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/435279/kundalini-taining-plan-booklet-v03.pdf

  • Yoga for Pelvic Pain (45-min)

    Also great for endometriosis, period cramps and feminine healing

  • Meditation to Find Your Spirit Animal- What is My Spirit Animal- Relaxing Visualization


    Find your spirit animal with this relaxing 20-minute visualization / meditation - do it sitting up or laying down.

    Are you wondering what your spirit animal is?

    Do you want to get closer to the idea of your ...

  • Kundalini Yoga for Energy and Radiance (45-min)

    This is the new class I just filmed with chanting if some of you want to get your chant on with me :) <3

  • Yoga / Journal / Meditation to Release Worry - 15 min

    If you are worried this is the class for you! Use this upper body release to help you let go of whatever you are holding on to. Then join me as we journal, with some helpful prompts, and meditate to round out our time together.

  • Detox Your Kidneys (Kundalini) - 35 Min

    This is a Kundalini Yoga Flow about how to detox your kidneys naturally through yoga! Yes, you can use yoga as a way to help prevent or manage kidney health or kidney stone problems. This Kundalini full yoga class is for all levels, including Beginners (it's exactly 35 minutes and totally free). ...

  • Be Thankful - Gratitude Meditation

    Gratitude Meditation Guided - In this video, we will practicing a guided gratitude meditation. This practice will help you center and cultivate the feeling of gratitude and being thankful in your daily life.

    Everyday is a good day to cultivate the things that we are grateful for at the same ti...

  • Balance Your Heart Chakra - Kundalini Kriya - 50 min

    n this Kundalini Yoga Class, we will be focusing on opening your heart chakra in this intense sequence which includes the Breath Of Fire Pranayama a signature in the kundalini kriya practice. It's time to expand your heart's center through this kundalini kriya yoga sequence. Remember that Kundali...

  • Release Your Inner Control Freak Yoga (60-min) w/ Optional Music - Yoga for Stress Relief Sequence

    Release your inner control freak with this yoga for stress release sequence. If you have control freak tendencies (like me), this athletic sequence with bring your control freak personality through unwinding, releasing, sweating, and let go.

    SEE FREE PLAYLIST at http://www.brettlarkin.com/cont...

  • Empowered Decision Making Meditation, Kundalini Meditation - 18 min

    This is a guided meditation on how to unite the opposites. It's hard to find the right decision.. A lot of times, we have conflicting emotions in life or maybe conflicting decisions and this is the perfect kundalini yoga meditation to do when you're in that situation and in need empowered decisio...

  • Foam Roller Exercises- How to Use a Foam Roller

    In this video, I explain how to use a foam roller and show you my favorite foam roller exercises. Foam rolling has so many benefits for your muscles and fascia. Here I go over roller exercises for your back, quads and IT band.

  • [Members-Only] Chakra 3 Extended Class (50-Min)

    Ritual Month 1 Calendar => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlSDJpeUJjSFZyaXc/view?usp=sharing

    Uplifted Ritual Booklet => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tla0ZYaXNpenlmWnc/view?usp=sharing

  • Member-Only - Hour of Intuition - 65 min

    Tap into your inner wisdom as we combine the elements of Sthira and Sukha in this healing class. We will find strength and ease as we flow and stretch. We close our practice with a guided visualization.

  • Day 7 - Kundalini Yoga, Subtle Body Detox for More Energy - Yoga Detox Challenge (50-Min)

    Get ready for a wild ride! Today on Day 7 is nothing like I've done before on my channel. We're completely changing it up, we are going to do not a vinyasa or hatha style yoga class, but we're going to do a full on kundalini kriya yoga together. If you've never done kundalini yoga before, you hav...

  • Meditation for Anxiety & Nervous Energy (15-Min)

    This meditation focused on calming anxiety and nervous energy is not easy an easy one. It requires breath discipline and holding your arms out at an acute angle.

  • Yoga to Reset and Reconnect 75-Min

    Ritual Training Month 2 Calendar => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlSldqeWFsdE8zWFU/view?usp=sharing

    Ritual Training Month 2 Booklet => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tla0ZYaXNpenlmWnc/view?usp=sharing

    This is a 75-minute slow vinyasa flow sequence you can try at ho...