Kundalini Classes

Kundalini Classes

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Kundalini Classes
  • Kundalini Yoga Basics: How to Tune In

    In this video I really break down the Adi Mantra, the chant we use to tune in at the begining of every Kundalini Yoga class. You will leran the meaning of this chant and the proper way to do it.

  • [NEW] 40 Day Kriya Introduction - How this Works

    Booklet: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/1539066/40DK_Guide_Links_CORRECTED.pdf

    Note: the 15, 30, and 60 minutes kriyas I mention in the introduction are additional NEW classes, designed specifically for the challenge, that will release on Sept 20th.

  • Beginner Kundalini Day 1

    Welcome to our Kundalini series for total beginners. you do not need any experience, and can even be done in a chair!
    In this first video we will learn about tuning in at the beginning of class and then we will go through series of kundalini exercises together.

  • Kundalini Beginner Day 2

    Welcome to day two of our series for total beginner Kundalini. I introduce you to some new kundalini exercises, building on what we learned yesterday.

  • Kundalini Yoga for Beginners Day 3 Neck and Shoulder Tension

    Day 3 of of Kundalini for total beginners series! I explain why we wear all white while practicing Kundalini yoga at the beginning of this class. Then we go through some kundalini exercises together, building on what we have learned so far.

  • Beginner Kundalini Day 4

    Day 4 of our Kundalini for total beginners series. Further building on what we have learned so far, we add some new postures to our kundalini tool kit.

  • Beginner Kundalini Yoga Day 5 Weight Loss and Core

    Day 5 of our Kundalini for total beginner series. Today we have a bit of a core focus, introducing a new posture that is challenging, but really activates the naval center.

  • Kundalini Kriya i for Beginners Day 6

    Day 6 of our Kundalini for total beginners series. Today is our big finally, we practice a full Kundalini Kriya toghther. Enjoy!!

  • [New] Magnificent 9 for Radiance & Beauty (40-min)

    This kriya, recommended for women specifically, is called the Magnificent 9. It is designed to help maintain our inner and outter beauty. Enjoy!

  • [NEW] Kundalini 3rd and 4th Chakra Activation (20-min)

    In this short, but powerful, Kundalini Kriya we will adjust the flow of energy between the third and fourth chakra. This will make you feel vibrant allowing you to live with crystal clarity. Use your breath to support you when things get tough, let's get started!

  • Day 20 - Gentle Yoga | Detox Fusion | Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin (35-Min)

    In this class, we warm up with Vinyasa postures before enjoying some time in “Sufi Grind” - a classic Kundalini practice. We sink into delicious Yin hip stretches to unwind tension in the lower body. We conclude with a guided visualization and meditation. Prepare to open your hips, soften the bod...

  • Day 11 - 7th Chakra Activation | Kundalini Yoga Kriya | Set Your Foundation, then Reach Infinity | Crown Chakra (35-Min)

    In this full Kundalini Kriya, we work on the area of the pelvis to set a solid foundation for ascension. We move through a set of twists, arm-strengtheners and squats, making this a total body practice accessible to students of all levels! We end with a Meditation for the Tenth Gate (the Crown Ch...

  • Kundalini Yoga For Digestion (20-min)

    This Kriya is for your digestive system, if you have been having issues or just want to get things moving. Great if you're new to Kundalini!

  • Kundalini Heart Meridian Meditation

    This Kundalini meditation is to help you heal a broken heart. We will work with a Mudra to adjust the heart meridian, calm us down, and restore us back to balance.

  • Kundalini Meditation to Project Your Ideal Future

    This is a powerful three part meditation focused on creating your ideal future. Rid yourself of the negative as you project for your future.

  • Manifest Your Vision, Kundalini Meditation - 11 Minutes

    KUNDALINI TRAINING PLAN Calendar: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/435269/kundalini-calendar.pdf
    Booklet: https://convertkit.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/documents/6759/435279/kundalini-taining-plan-booklet-v03.pdf

  • Uplifted Member-Only Kundalini Live Call

    -What is a Kriya?
    -When should I practice kundalini?
    -Why should I practice kundalini?
    -Triggers as lessons
    -Subtle body energy
    -Kundalini pranayama (Breath of Fire etc.)
    -Resources on Kundalini

  • Khalsa Way Class (Kundalini Inspired) - 60-Min Full Length PreNatal Class

  • FULL KRIYA (90-min) Kundalini Yoga for Fear

    FULL *90 MINUTE* KRIYA to overcome your fears. One of my very favorite Kriyas. Includes music! Please do the shorter 50-minute version of the Kriya at least twice (best 3 - 5 times) before attempting the full-length version. Blessings and Sat Nam!
    Shorter version here: https://brettlarkinyoga....

  • Kundalini Yoga for Fear | Overcome Your Fears

    This is a challenging, powerful kriya and safe for pregnant women (I have been doing it a lot in pregnancy). An EXTENDED version of this kriya (full-length) comes out next month.

  • Kundalini Yoga for Beginners | Discover the Kundalini Yoga Style (30-min)

    Kundalini yoga, often called the “Yoga of Awareness,” is as much a mental and spiritual practice as it is a physical one. In this class we will be seated, working the core and upper body using precise, repetitive movements along with (optional) singing/chanting to elevate your conscious awareness...

  • Detox Your Kidneys (Kundalini) - 35 Min

    This is a Kundalini Yoga Flow about how to detox your kidneys naturally through yoga! Yes, you can use yoga as a way to help prevent or manage kidney health or kidney stone problems. This Kundalini full yoga class is for all levels, including Beginners (it's exactly 35 minutes and totally free). ...

  • Balance Your Heart Chakra - Kundalini Kriya - 50 min

    n this Kundalini Yoga Class, we will be focusing on opening your heart chakra in this intense sequence which includes the Breath Of Fire Pranayama a signature in the kundalini kriya practice. It's time to expand your heart's center through this kundalini kriya yoga sequence. Remember that Kundali...

  • Kundalini Yoga for Energy and Radiance (45-min)

    This is the new class I just filmed with chanting if some of you want to get your chant on with me :) <3