Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

How to do Warrior 1 (in just 60 Seconds) - Greatist Yoga Alignment Fix - Virabhadrasana 1

Learning Lab - Asana • 1m 23s

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  • The Right Way to Do Warrior 2 (in jus...


    Warrior II strengthens the legs and ankles, while stretching the groin and shoulders.

    FIX 1

    Make sure your front heel bisects your back arch.

    FIX 2

    Bend your front knee so it’s at a 90 degree angle directly over your ankle. Lengthen your stance if necessary

    FIX 3


  • How to Do Triangle Pose | Yoga Alignm...

    Triangle pose is insanely therapeutic, as it stretches your hamstrings, your groin and your hips.

    And at the same time, it's strengthening your legs and core.

    When done correctly, it's also a half spinal twist.

    Fix 1

    Make sure your back foot is at 45 degrees or 11 o'clock on a cloc...

  • How to Do Downward Facing Dog | Yoga ...

    How to do downward dog w/ correct alignment - in under 60-seconds!

    Down dog releases tension in your spine, stretches your hamstrings and calves and strengthens your upper body.

    It‘s the anchoring posture of most classes, so you want to get it right.

    FIX 1

    If your back is rounded or...