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  • [Elemental] Day 14 - Chakra Meditation with Lotus Mudra Meditation - 18 Min

    Send energy to each chakra with this sweet meditation. Suggested: Lotus Mudra. Could also opt to take prayer hands.

  • [Elemental] Day 11 - Grounding Meditation for Anxiety - 12 Min

    Short 10 minute grounding meditation for anxiety. Perfect for beginners, empaths, panic attacks, and stress.

    EL9 Class Assembly UP

  • New Year's Meditation 2018: Integrate & Manifest

    ​Integrate and process 2017
    Set your intentions for 2018
    Immerse yourself in this 45-min healing experience (guided visualization!)
    Baby Alex is in my arms if there are 1 or 2 baby noises, that's why!

  • Chakra 1 - Meditation (15-Min)

    This video is a guided meditation for the chakra challenge featuring the first chakra also commonly known as the root chakra. Find a comfortable seating position as we do an amazing healing, balancing, and grounding root chakra guided meditation. This guided meditation is perfect for stress relie...

  • Chakra 2 - Meditation (17-Min)

    Welcome to our chakra challenge guided meditation for the sacral chakra (also known as the water chakra). In this 15 minute guided meditation, I will show you how you can do a sacral chakra specific meditation with lots of fun visualizations. The sacral chakra or the second chakra is located belo...

  • Chakra 3 - Meditation (16-Minutes)

    Welcome to our third chakra or solar plexus chakra meditation. This guided meditation for week 3 of the chakra challenge is to improve your willpower and motivation by activating your fiery, yellow energy center to ignite transformation.

  • Chakra 4 - Meditation (18-min)

    This is our heart chakra meditation for week 4 of the Chakra Challenge. It's time to open yourself to love and compassion by doing this guided meditation with me.

    The fourth chakra or anahata chakra is the center of our body's chakra system. It is the wellspring of warmth, compassion, joy and...

  • Chakra 5 - Meditation (17-min)

    This is our meditation for the fifth chakra or the throat chakra. Welcome to week 5 of the Chakra Challenge! The throat chakra is our center of communication of all the seven chakras.

  • Chakra 6 - Meditation (13-Min)

    The Sixth Chakra Meditation is for week 6 of the Chakra Challenge. Activate your inner knowing, wisdom and intuition through the third eye chakra. The Ajna chakra is your light and the seat of your intuition and inner guidance.

  • Chakra 7 - Meditation (15-Min)

    This video is a guided meditation for the crown chakra. It's time to listen to the wisdom of the universe through the seventh chakra or sahasrara chakra. This is our meditation for week 7 of the chakra challenge and will focus on the 7th chakra or the crown chakra.

    The crown chakra is also kno...

  • Empowered Decision Making Meditation, Kundalini Meditation - 18 min

    This is a guided meditation on how to unite the opposites. It's hard to find the right decision.. A lot of times, we have conflicting emotions in life or maybe conflicting decisions and this is the perfect kundalini yoga meditation to do when you're in that situation and in need empowered decisio...

  • Guided Meditation to Mend a Broken Heart

    Meditation for a broken heart. If you're going through a break-up, loss, heartache, anger or are struggling with personal or familial sadness, this 20-minute guided meditation will help you break down these emotions and cultivate softness in your body.

  • How to Meditate- 12-Minutes of Self Love Guided Meditation

    Take 12-minutes out of your day and focus on taking care of YOU with this free guided meditation, modeled off many zen meditation techniques. Everyone else around you will thank you for it :)

  • Uplifted Workshop: Discover Your Affirmations

    This Yoga/Journal/Meditation class is designed to help you create your own personal Uplifted tape with your own personal affirmation statements. The idea is that you can then listen to this tape as you do dishes, walk your dog, or drive in the car. Get excited. This is powerful stuff!

    Have you...

  • Be Thankful - Gratitude Meditation

    Gratitude Meditation Guided - In this video, we will practicing a guided gratitude meditation. This practice will help you center and cultivate the feeling of gratitude and being thankful in your daily life.

    Everyday is a good day to cultivate the things that we are grateful for at the same ti...

  • How to Meditate- 7-Minutes of Gratitude Guided Meditation

    Learn to crave all the things you already have! The practice of a gratitude meditation can make you profoundly more calm and at-peace with the present moment. I recommend starting a Gratitude List in your iPhone so you can jot down all the things you enjoy about your life as you move through your...

  • Meditation to Find Your Spirit Animal- What is My Spirit Animal- Relaxing Visualization

    Find your spirit animal with this relaxing 20-minute visualization / meditation - do it sitting up or laying down.

    Are you wondering what your spirit animal is?

    Do you want to get closer to the idea of your ...

  • Pure Pranayama [Uplifted Guest Teacher] Erica Jago

    Everyone wants to get in shape for New Year’s, but as an Uplifted member, you know your practice is about so much more than the physical. Enjoy this intense 30-minutes of pure breathing. Slowing down our breath like this helps sculpt our minds, and slows down our thoughts. This is extraordinarily...

  • Overcome Fear Meditation - Face Your Fear Guided Meditation

    In this meditation, we're going to encounter, overcome, and release our fear. This is a guided meditation and visualization, so you can do it seated or lying down in any position you like.

  • Easy Daily Meditation Practice (15-min) - Easy Meditation Practice for Beginners


    Easy 15-min meditation practice - perfect for daily use. This 15-minute meditation is appropriate for all levels -- it's my go-to daily meditation to help me deal with the chaos of life :...

  • Prepare to Meditate: Quick Pre-Meditation Stretch (8-min) - Easy Yoga Before Meditation

    Get ready to meditate by doing my simple pre-meditation stretch with me - just 8-minutes. Prepare the body to meditate! In order to best sit still, it's highly beneficial to do some simple yoga movements before attempting to meditate. This gets the body relaxed, warmed-up, plus it lengthens and i...

  • De-Stress: Relaxing Meditation for Busy Women | Meditation for Stress | Can Do Lying Down

    In this guided meditation for stress, we go deep into nature to connect with our feminine goddess spirit and help us RELAX. Perfect for when you're stressed and trying to unwind - this 15 minute guided visualization is something you can practice again and again to reconnect with your feminine nat...

  • Meditation for Anxiety & Nervous Energy (15-Min)

    This meditation focused on calming anxiety and nervous energy is not easy an easy one. It requires breath discipline and holding your arms out at an acute angle.

  • Get Grounded Meditation for Anxiety: Lower 3 Chakras Meditation (15-min)

    Feeling restless, anxious or unstable? It's time to get grounded! In this 15-minute guided meditation, we ground into the earth's energy by focusing on the lower three chakras (Muladhara - Root Chakra, Svadisthana - Water Chakra, Manipura - Fire Chakra). Send your breath and energy to these areas...