Meditations: 15 Minutes or Less

Meditations: 15 Minutes or Less

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Meditations: 15 Minutes or Less
  • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

  • Root Chakra Meditation - 15 min

  • [Elemental] Day 11 - Grounding Meditation for Anxiety - 12 Min

    Short 10 minute grounding meditation for anxiety. Perfect for beginners, empaths, panic attacks, and stress.

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  • Sitali Pranayama

    We will learn Sitali Pranayama in this video. Sitali is great for cooling down the body. Great for summer, before bed, or any time you want to calm down. This breath can also be used at the end of a sweaty yoga practice to balance out the heat you have created.

  • Alternate Nostril Morning Meditation (11min)

    Start your day feeling balanced and in tune with yoir body. We practice 4 minutes of Pranayama followed by 8 minutes of meditation to focus on our breath and prepare us for the day ahead.

  • Breastfeeding Meditation for Mamas (15 min)

    This is a meditation you can do while nursing or pumping. This can help you stimulate milk production, by helping you to relax. Get really comfortable and enjoy.

  • [NEW] Third Eye Mantra Meditation (11-min)

    This kundalini meditation is called the Deep Meditation Into Thoughtlessness. We will focus on the Third Eye point as we silently repeat our mantra.This will sharpen your attention and help you pierce through repetitive daily thinking.

  • Day 21 - Long SAT NAMS Mantra Meditation | Healing Meditation to Shift Your Mindset (15-Min)

    Shift your energy through sound healing! This powerful mantra meditation will challenge you as it centers you. Create inner alignment: body, mind and spirit. We'll be chanting a long Sat Nam (which means "truth is my identity") for 8-minutes. After, we'll sit together in silent meditation, absorb...

  • Simple Daily Morning Meditation (10-min)

    Can do sitting up in bed or in your traditional meditation seat! Ideal to connect with your intuition and cultivate an inner state of gratitude to start your day.

  • Nighttime Fall Asleep Meditation (12-min)

    Do this one in bed, laying down! Designed to lull you into sleep!

  • 5-Minute Meditation

    This simple meditation can be done any time, anywhere when you need to relax.

  • Meditation for Inner Alignment & Peace (15-min)

    In this incredibly centering meditation we will burn burn away all of the things that are no longer serving us with a special breathing technique.

  • Destress & Activate Intuition (15-min)

    In this Kundalini meditation we will decrease stress and activate our intuition using a pranayama technique to super charge our Third Eye center. Come to this meditation any time you are looking for clarity and to unwind.

  • Ground & Focus | Beginner Kundalini Meditation (10 Min)

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  • Manifest Your Vision, Kundalini Meditation - 11 Minutes


  • Bedtime Meditation for Sleep: Relaxation IN Bed - Relaxation Techniques for Insomnia

    Fall asleep with ease using this relaxing nighttime meditation. Perfect for if you are suffering from insomnia or your mind is "wild" while you're trying to calm down for the night.

  • Home Remedy for Allergies: Yoga Breathing Technique to Help Sinuses (Bhastrika Yoga Breath)

    Yoga breathing technique for allergies. With spring just around the corner, I wanted to have this video up so we'd all be ready!

  • Get Grounded Meditation for Anxiety: Lower 3 Chakras Meditation (15-min)

    Feeling restless, anxious or unstable? It's time to get grounded! In this 15-minute guided meditation, we ground into the earth's energy by focusing on the lower three chakras (Muladhara - Root Chakra, Svadisthana - Water Chakra, Manipura - Fire Chakra). Send your breath and energy to these areas...

  • Meditation for Anxiety & Nervous Energy (15-Min)

    This meditation focused on calming anxiety and nervous energy is not easy an easy one. It requires breath discipline and holding your arms out at an acute angle.

  • De-Stress: Relaxing Meditation for Busy Women | Meditation for Stress | Can Do Lying Down

    In this guided meditation for stress, we go deep into nature to connect with our feminine goddess spirit and help us RELAX. Perfect for when you're stressed and trying to unwind - this 15 minute guided visualization is something you can practice again and again to reconnect with your feminine nat...

  • Prepare to Meditate: Quick Pre-Meditation Stretch (8-min) - Easy Yoga Before Meditation

    Get ready to meditate by doing my simple pre-meditation stretch with me - just 8-minutes. Prepare the body to meditate! In order to best sit still, it's highly beneficial to do some simple yoga movements before attempting to meditate. This gets the body relaxed, warmed-up, plus it lengthens and i...

  • Easy Daily Meditation Practice (15-min) - Easy Meditation Practice for Beginners


    Easy 15-min meditation practice - perfect for daily use. This 15-minute meditation is appropriate for all levels -- it's my go-to daily meditation to help me deal with the chaos of life :...

  • How to Meditate- 7-Minutes of Gratitude Guided Meditation

    Learn to crave all the things you already have! The practice of a gratitude meditation can make you profoundly more calm and at-peace with the present moment. I recommend starting a Gratitude List in your iPhone so you can jot down all the things you enjoy about your life as you move through your...

  • Be Thankful - Gratitude Meditation

    Gratitude Meditation Guided - In this video, we will practicing a guided gratitude meditation. This practice will help you center and cultivate the feeling of gratitude and being thankful in your daily life.

    Everyday is a good day to cultivate the things that we are grateful for at the same ti...