Meditations: 30 Minutes Plus

Meditations: 30 Minutes Plus

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Meditations: 30 Minutes Plus
  • Calming Lunar Meditation | Chandra Bhendana

    This mediitation is to tap into the abundamce of the moon. Connect with that more feminine, cooling, grounding energy with me using Chandra Bhendana pranayama.

  • [NEW] Healing from Miscarriage Meditation (25-min)

    This highly requested meditation goes back to the science of yoga. I offer you two mudras, and a guided visualization, to try and help you through this time of grief and loss. Sending you love <3

  • Day 22 BONUS EXTENDED - Yoga for Your Lungs | Kundalini Kriya | Expand Your Lung Capacity | Enter a Deep Meditative State (45-Min)

    Expand your lung capacity in this full Kundalini set! We've worked our way towards a full Kundalini Kriya -- this is an all Kundalini class. First, we open the lungs through specific breathing exercises. We strengthening our magnetic field with exercises to prepare us for deep meditation. This wh...

  • Day 17 - New Moon Flow | Vinyasa Yoga | Pranayama | Meditation (25-Min)

    Drop into a sense of inner peace and calm. In this Vinyasa class, we channel the energy of the moon for a slow, grounding practice. We create a circle, mandala-style, on the mat. Flow through deep lunges, goddess pose, and a juicy side stretch. End with Chandra Bhedana, a breathing technique desi...

  • New Year's Meditation 2018: Integrate & Manifest

    ​Integrate and process 2017
    Set your intentions for 2018
    Immerse yourself in this 45-min healing experience (guided visualization!)
    Baby Alex is in my arms if there are 1 or 2 baby noises, that's why!

  • Kundalini Meditation to Project Your Ideal Future

    This is a powerful three part meditation focused on creating your ideal future. Rid yourself of the negative as you project for your future.

  • Meditation for Chakra Alignment - 30 min

    In this class we use deep relaxation and visualization to bring our Chakras back into alignment.You can do this meditation seated or lying down. Make yourself comfortable and tune in to your body.

  • Balance Your Heart Chakra - Kundalini Kriya - 50 min

    n this Kundalini Yoga Class, we will be focusing on opening your heart chakra in this intense sequence which includes the Breath Of Fire Pranayama a signature in the kundalini kriya practice. It's time to expand your heart's center through this kundalini kriya yoga sequence. Remember that Kundali...

  • [Member-Only] Yoga Nidra + Nadi Shodana Ultimate Relaxation Uplifted

    In this *Members Only* class we practice “yogic sleep”. With a guided relaxation you will fall into a deep state of conscious sleep, allowing the mind and body to rest. We then slowly awaken to practice a few rounds of Alternate Nostril Breathing to further calm the mind before we sit in meditat...

  • [Member Only] Uplifted Heart Chakra Meditation (30-min)

    In this powerful meditation we will use Kundalini inspired mudras to channel energy into our heart chakra. Use your breath to support you when things feel challenging and allow the energy to flow as we connect to one another.

  • RITUAL | Calm Down | Chakra 1

    Associations: First Chakra, Earth, Foundation, Trust, Boundaries

    Do this Class When: You’re feeling rushed, overwhelmed, unsafe, traveling

    Journaling Prompts

    What am I avoid feeling?

    If I were taking care of myself the way I’d take care of my own child, I would…

    Recommended Scent...

  • RITUAL | Embrace Change | Chakra 2

    Associations: Second Chakra, Water, Desire, Creativity, Emotion

    Do this Class When: Unexpected things are coming your way

    Journaling Prompts

    Can I welcome instead of resist the change that is coming to me?

    Is there a third option, a creative solution, that would make surfing this sea...

  • RITUAL | Power Up | Chakra 3

    Associations: Third Chakra, Fire, Energy, Willpower, Self-Esteem

    Do this Class When: You feel tired, defeated, unlucky, lazy or victimized

    Journaling Prompts

    ____________ (name of person, place or thing), inspires me so much because _____________

    If I were my own coach, I’d tell myse...

  • RITUAL | Face My Fears | Chakra 4

    Open your heart in this fourth chakra flow including backbends, lunges, and shoulder openers. As we expand our heart center, we remember that our fears are simply a set of assumptions that go unquestioned over time. It can be hard for us to face our fear. We’ve been taught not to run fr...

  • RITUAL | Connect with My Intuition | Chakra 6

    Let's quiet down to connect with our own innate wisdom. This soulful Vinyasa flow class is designed to awaken Ajna - the 6th chakra. Remember, your mind-body wisdom database out performs the intellectual linear side on an order exceeding 10 million to 1! Let's tap into our inner knowledge togethe...

  • RITUAL | Stop Rushing | Chakra 5

    Tired? Overwhelmed? Let’s sink into the quiet beneath the noise. In this class, we slow down through soothing Yin and Vinyasa poses to open communication with ourselves and the world around us. Reawaken your creativity and authenticity. Don't forget to place a journal and pen by your mat! Enjoy ...

  • Pure Pranayama [Uplifted Guest Teacher] Erica Jago

    Everyone wants to get in shape for New Year’s, but as an Uplifted member, you know your practice is about so much more than the physical. Enjoy this intense 30-minutes of pure breathing. Slowing down our breath like this helps sculpt our minds, and slows down our thoughts. This is extraordinarily...

  • Meditation to Find Your Spirit Animal- What is My Spirit Animal- Relaxing Visualization

    Find your spirit animal with this relaxing 20-minute visualization / meditation - do it sitting up or laying down.

    Are you wondering what your spirit animal is?

    Do you want to get closer to the idea of your ...

  • Uplifted Workshop: Discover Your Affirmations

    This Yoga/Journal/Meditation class is designed to help you create your own personal Uplifted tape with your own personal affirmation statements. The idea is that you can then listen to this tape as you do dishes, walk your dog, or drive in the car. Get excited. This is powerful stuff!

    Have you...

  • [Members Only] How to Make a Decision Meditation