Member Only Live Calls

Member Only Live Calls

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Member Only Live Calls
  • [NEW] Member Only Live Call: New Year's CHAKRA Workshop

  • [NEW] Member Only Live Call: Abundance Workshop

  • [NEW] Member Only Live Call: 40 Day Kriya Celebration Party

  • Member Only Live Call: 40 Day Kriya Kick Off

    In this love call I explain how to pick your Kriya, when to do your Kriya, what to do if you miss a day, what to do if you are on your cycle, and so much more!

  • [Member Only] Live Call: Summer Solstice

  • [Member Only] Live Call: Fascial Fitness

  • [Member Only] Live Call: All Things Feminine w/Special Guest Izzy Adair

    So many gold nuggets of info in this call. We cover:

    -Want to do (yoga and ayurveda-wise) to get pregnant or regulate your cycle
    -The Ayurvedic constitution of your period
    -Should you menstrual cycle line up with exact cycles of the it bad if not?
    -If you are a very active person ...

  • [Member Only] Live Call: Drishti

    DRISHTI Journaling Prompts starts at 40:30

    1. What's a situation is calling on me to soften or expand my perspective?
    2. If I had to pick one theme for 2018 - a lesson, idea or concept I want consistently see on my horizon, what would it be?
    3. In what scenarios do I notice my focus narrow...

  • [Member Only] Live Call: Manifesting for 2018

    Journaling Starts 23:00
    1. Reflect on the past 3 years...what patterns do you NOT want to repeat? What patterns DO you want to repeat (what's working)? Think of 1 specific instance/life event that exemplifies what you DID and DIDN'T work these past 3 years.

    2. How can I practice se...

  • [Member Only] Live Call: Gratitude

    8:30 - Journaling:

    1) WHO you're grateful for + 3 positive qualities/things you admire about each person

    2) THINGS/ITEMS you're grateful for. Reflect for each one: how did they come into your life? What actions did you take or qualities you exhibit in making decisions around acquiring thes...

  • [Member Only] Live Call: Uplifted Journal Preview| Journaling

    11:42-Chant/Mantra: uniting things that are separate or opposite
    Listen Here:
    Ra ra ra ra (Sun/Masculine Energy)
    Ma ma ma ma(Moon/earth/Feminine)
    Rama Rama Rama Rama (Sun & Moon together)
    Sa Ta Na Ma (Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth/infinity)

    20:00 - Journali...

  • [Member Only] Live call: Journaling "Whole Hearted Practice"

    In this call we went over what's new in Uplifted. Get in the know about training plans, live calls, and accountability!

    Journaling prompts from this call(journaling starts at 41:00:
    1. What is the rhythm of my practice?
    2. Is there anything I can do to enhance the heart in my practice?
    3. ...

  • [Member-Only] Self Massage & Yoga Live Call

    -Sinking and shearing during MFR
    -How often to foam roll/do MFR
    -How self massage helps us tune in to our bodies
    -What is the healing crisis and tranformational pain

    -Is rocking normal during Kundalini meditation?

  • [Member-Only] July Sukha Live Call

    SUKHA Stepping into Ease Agenda:
    -How to Plan Less
    -How Let Go of Being "Right"
    -Open into a "receiving" mindset
    - Live Q&A please post and tell us your questions.
    - Which has been easier for you to connect with STHIRA or SUKHA?

  • [Member-Only] Sthira Live Call

    Live call June 10, 2017

    -Third eye focus during meditation
    -oops, Zoom failed for our meditation
    -Goddess Durga introduced to us
    -How to protect your boundaries
    -Sthira chat and meditation with member guest speakers

    -Warrior 3 foot alignment


  • Uplifted Member Only May Ritual Live Call

    - Why Kundalini is SO detoxifying
    - How to can redefine your RITUAL
    - Why "grace always wins the race"
    - Why you might want to fire your housecleaner & do more chores
    -How kundalini is different from other forms of yoga.
    -It is designed to trigger you
    -It’s prescriptive

  • Uplifted Member Only Ritual Live Call

    -Tip to prevent wrist pain

    -Why practice pranayama?
    -Do I have to meditate after pranayama?
    -Why you should jump around in the morning.
    -Ways to motivate yourself to get out of bed.
    -Ways to incorporate mini meditation moments into your d...

  • Uplifted Member-Only Kundalini Live Call

    -What is a Kriya?
    -When should I practice kundalini?
    -Why should I practice kundalini?
    -Triggers as lessons
    -Subtle body energy
    -Kundalini pranayama (Breath of Fire etc.)
    -Resources on Kundalini

  • Affirmations & MFR Live Call - Monday Feb 13th, 2016 @ 12pm PST


    -Stop being busy
    -Manifesting through affirmations
    -How to make your affirmation tapes on a loop
    -MFR questions answered
    -MFR techniques and tools
    - Yin yoga should be done with cold muscles

  • Uplifted Member-Only Tricky Transition Live Call

    -Standing Forward Fold
    -Chaturanga Transitions

    -Overstretching Hamstrings
    -Why yin yoga is amazing for the back line fascia
    -How much pain is too much pain in yin
    -Square hips in Warrior 1 and Splits
    -Pigeon pose revelation

  • Uplifted New Years Live Call

    Brett did a presentation on Intention Setting in this call.

    -Are goals making you suffer?
    -Shifting Perspective
    -Journaling Prompts
    -Stepping Into Yourself
    -Creating Affirmation Tapes

  • Zentember Call #2 December 19th

    A 5 min meditation is at the beginning. SO many gold nuggets about meditation in this amazing call!


    -Meditation seat tips
    -Breath of fire
    -What should meditation feel like?
    -Pigeon pose

  • Live Call: Zentember Kick-Off Call December 5th

    -Puppy with a twist

    -Meditation tips
    -Should I scratch that itch?
    -Should I adjust my seat?
    -Why do I get a headache?
    -Joint hyperextension
    -Honoring the body’s intuition during injury or illness

  • Live Call: Puppy, Wrist Issues + When you Fall off yoga wagon

    -Down Dog

    -Wrist pain
    -Feeling unmotivated/ falling off the wagon
    -Self discipline
    -Injuries and yoga