Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

[Member Only] Live Call: Drishti

Member Only Live Calls – 1h 9m

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  • [Member Only] Live Call: Manifesting ...

    Journaling Starts 23:00
    1. Reflect on the past 3 years...what patterns do you NOT want to repeat? What patterns DO you want to repeat (what's working)? Think of 1 specific instance/life event that exemplifies what you DID and DIDN'T work these past 3 years.

    2. How can I practice se...

  • [Member Only] Live Call: Gratitude

    8:30 - Journaling:

    1) WHO you're grateful for + 3 positive qualities/things you admire about each person

    2) THINGS/ITEMS you're grateful for. Reflect for each one: how did they come into your life? What actions did you take or qualities you exhibit in making decisions around acquiring thes...

  • [Member Only] Live Call: Uplifted Jou...

    11:42-Chant/Mantra: uniting things that are separate or opposite
    Listen Here:
    Ra ra ra ra (Sun/Masculine Energy)
    Ma ma ma ma(Moon/earth/Feminine)
    Rama Rama Rama Rama (Sun & Moon together)
    Sa Ta Na Ma (Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth/infinity)

    20:00 - Journali...

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