Member Only Live Calls

Member Only Live Calls

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Member Only Live Calls
  • Chakra Healing Live Call - Choosing a Chakra to Focus On

    In this call we do a group exercise to help pick which chakras we want to work on. Brett gives us journaling tips, advice on which chakra might be best for specific circumstances, and we talk about going through phases in our journey.

  • Chakra Challenge Live Call - October 14th, 2016

    My headphones were broken and I couldn't hear everyone for the first 10 minutes or if the audio is a little weird or funky (or it sounds like I'm ignoring people) that's why....We figure this out about 10/15 min into the call. LOL

    -Seated Spinal Twist

  • Feedback on Poses - September 28th, 2016

    -High Lunge
    -Warrior 2
    -Standing Forward Fold
    -Stand Half Splits
    -Three Legged Dog
    -Nose to Knee tips.

    -Uplifted overwhelm
    -proper breathing
    -SI joint questions
    -is it normal for your feet to fall asleep in poses?
    -questions about Kundalini

  • Feedback on Poses - September 7th, 2016

    -Chaturanga review
    - vinyasa flow for feedback.
    -pigeon pose revelation
    -intro to Chakra Challenge
    - Advice for modifying Updog while pregnant
    -tips for open vs. closed hips in Down Dog with the leg raised

  • Feedback on Poses - August 25th, 2016

    -Low Lunge
    -Child’s Pose
    -Down Dog
    -Side Plank
    - Cobra.

    -Do you need to be a vegetarian to be a good yogi?
    -Journal Change ides

  • Community Call 8.8.16

    - Miracle Morning book discussion
    - Life Changing Magic book discussion
    - Journal Reveal
    - Affirmation tips
    - Fun chit chat!

  • Feedback on Poses - July 27th, 2016

    -Down Dog
    -Wild Thing
    -Side Lunge
    -Warrior 1
    -High Lunge w/ Twist
    -Humble Warrior
    -Standing Splits.

    -Rounded shoulders
    -Groin opening poses
    -Tips on getting shoulders down the back in Down Dog
    -personalizing yo...

  • Feedback on Poses - July 6th, 2016

    -Down Dog.

    -Modifications for pain in the hip/low back during supine stretches
    -when to push through fatigue
    -core activation in plank pose
    -tips to protect/strengthen our wrists.

  • Feedback on Poses - June 20th, 2016

    Reclined Pigeon
    - Reclined Gomukhasana
    -Down Dog
    -Knee to Nose Plank
    -Lizard, Cobra
    -Thread the Needle shoulder stretch
    - Dolphin Pose/ Forearm Stand prep
    - Down Dog Split
    -Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold
    - Standing Split

    Working wit...

  • Feedback on Poses - May 18th, 2016

    The poses reviewed
    -Bridge, Pigeon with knee pain/pressure
    -Side Plank
    -Warrior 2
    -Down Dog Splits
    -Lizard using blocks
    - Chair
    -Upward facing Dog,
    - Down Dog
    - Forearm Plank
    -Half Moon
    -Warrior 1
    -Baddah Konasana
    - Lunge.

    Discussion points:
    -micro bending the ...

  • Feedback on Poses - May 4th, 2016

    The poses reviewed:
    - Downward Dog
    - Down Dog with the leg lifted
    -Puppy Pose
    - Plank Pose
    -Warrior 2
    -Side Angle Pose
    - Lizard Pose
    -Lizard Pose with Quad Stretch
    -Child’s Pose
    -Chair Pose.

    The important points:
    -Length in Spine in All Poses
    -Lines of energy
    -Bending elbow so...