Members Only Classes

Members Only Classes

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Members Only Classes
  • [NEW] Yoga + Crystal Healing (45-min)

    Many of you have asked for a class for working with your crystals, it's finally here! Today's sequence is all about integrating your crystals into your practice. No crystals, no worries! Everyone can enjoy this soothing class.

  • [NEW] Summer Solstice Hatha Flow - Uplifted Member

    In this intermediate/advanced Hatha class we will be bringing energy into the back body as a means to cool down, even as we build heat. Enjoy the nuances of the different pose variations!

  • [Members-Only] Guest Expert: Erica Jago & the Chakras

  • [Members-Only] Guest Expert: Meditation for Self Love

    About Meredith:
    Meredith Rom is a yoga teacher, women’s leadership coach and host of the Rising Women Leaders podcast. Her business is founded on the belief that self-love grants us the freedom to live beyond our fears, take bigger leaps, and more fully share our gifts. She has inspired women f...

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage Lower Body Foam Roller

    Gather your props and foam roller for this 40 minute class. We begin by stretching our feet, ankles, and calves. After this we foam roll the lower leg with a focus on the ankle.

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage w/ Ball Rolling: Hips & Low Back

    Rest assured that this is the hips and low back video and ignore the editing error in the introduction. Grab all of your props, your massage ball of choice, and get ready to relax. We will be using single point pressure and our own intuitive movement to massage into our hips and low back.

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage w/ Ball Rolling: Shoulders and Upper Back

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage Upper Body Foam Roller

    In this extended, members only class we do some easy shoulder openers before coming to the foam roller to deeply open our chest and shoulders with gentle movement.

  • [Member Only] Uplifted Heart Chakra Meditation (30-min)

    In this powerful meditation we will use Kundalini inspired mudras to channel energy into our heart chakra. Use your breath to support you when things feel challenging and allow the energy to flow as we connect to one another.

  • [Members Only] Yin Extended Low Back Release - 50 Min

    Get ready to sink into stillness in this *Members Only* yin class. We will release the low back holding postures for extended periods of time, so make sure you are comfortable!
    *NOTE*: If you have any issues with your cervical spine, or high blood pressure, please do not practice plow pose. I g...

  • [Member-Only] Full Body Flow Body Flow (60-min)

    In this class I share with you one of my very favorite vinyasa flows. It is serene, it is strong, and it's also a total body workout. Enjoy!

  • [Member-Only] Yoga Nidra + Nadi Shodana Ultimate Relaxation Uplifted

    In this *Members Only* class we practice “yogic sleep”. With a guided relaxation you will fall into a deep state of conscious sleep, allowing the mind and body to rest. We then slowly awaken to practice a few rounds of Alternate Nostril Breathing to further calm the mind before we sit in meditat...

  • [Member-Only] Yin - Make Love to Your Hips (60-Min)

    We will go deep into the hips in this yin style class. Have all your props handy and show your hips some love. P.S. If you love pigeon pose, this is the class for you!

  • RITUAL | Calm Down | Chakra 1

    Associations: First Chakra, Earth, Foundation, Trust, Boundaries

    Do this Class When: You’re feeling rushed, overwhelmed, unsafe, traveling

    Journaling Prompts

    What am I avoid feeling?

    If I were taking care of myself the way I’d take care of my own child, I would…

    Recommended Scent...

  • RITUAL | Power Up | Chakra 3

    Associations: Third Chakra, Fire, Energy, Willpower, Self-Esteem

    Do this Class When: You feel tired, defeated, unlucky, lazy or victimized

    Journaling Prompts

    ____________ (name of person, place or thing), inspires me so much because _____________

    If I were my own coach, I’d tell myse...

  • RITUAL | Embrace Change | Chakra 2

    Associations: Second Chakra, Water, Desire, Creativity, Emotion

    Do this Class When: Unexpected things are coming your way

    Journaling Prompts

    Can I welcome instead of resist the change that is coming to me?

    Is there a third option, a creative solution, that would make surfing this sea...

  • [Member-Only] Ground & Focus Extended Kundalini Meditation (18 Min)

    Make sure to try the shorter, beginner version of this meditation first!

  • Member-Only - Hour of Intuition - 65 min

    Tap into your inner wisdom as we combine the elements of Sthira and Sukha in this healing class. We will find strength and ease as we flow and stretch. We close our practice with a guided visualization.

  • Gentle Core Strengthening Exercise to Stabilize Pelvis, Legs, Help Low Back Pain (10-min)

    This ab exercise is subtle, yet profound in helping you with yoga alignment.

    This exercise is best done with a block, but I show you an alternative you can use as well (for those of you who don't have blocks at home.)

    This ab exercise is subtle, but incredibly deep in that it helps you fi...

  • Uplifted Workshop: Discover Your Affirmations

    This Yoga/Journal/Meditation class is designed to help you create your own personal Uplifted tape with your own personal affirmation statements. The idea is that you can then listen to this tape as you do dishes, walk your dog, or drive in the car. Get excited. This is powerful stuff!

    Have you...

  • Get Low w/ Allison (20-min)

  • Yoga for Tight Traps - Uplifted (50-Min)

    This brand new class incorporates a lot of new sequencing a began playing with in New York this fall. Focus is on releasing your traps and low back. The perfect counter-class to a month of sculpting.

  • Member Only] Twist into Grace - with music - (75-min)

    Int / Advanced Level

  • How to Ujjayi Breath Tutorial

    This is a tutorial on yoga breathing techniques specifically on how to do Ujjayi Pranayama or Ujjayi Breath. In this video, I share my 3 tips on how you can effectively do the Ujjayi Breath. You're supposed to be breathing this way throughout asana practice, so really anytime you're doing yoga an...