Morning Classes

Morning Classes

Sequences specifically designed for the morning.

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Morning Classes
  • [Elemental] Day 1-Morning Chakra Yoga for Energy - 20 Min

    MORNING CHAKRA YOGA! ☀️A Sequence for Energy! Begin your perfect morning by connecting with the chakras!

  • [Elemental] Day 3 - Total Body Morning Stretch - 20 Min

    Total Body Morning Stretch. Flow through this sequence which incorporates all four chakras and their elements!

  • [Elemental] Day 2 - Fiery, Power Flow Morning Yoga Workout - 20 Min

    Elevate your heart rate! Kick-start your metabolism with this fiery, morning flow. Our focus is core strength, fat burning, beginner-friendly yoga moves. Connect with your Third Chakra and the element of FIRE!

  • Blissful Morning Awakening - 20 Min

    his morning yoga routine is a flow for beginners, including all other levels. This 20-min yoga sequence is designed to create a blissful space in your morning, even if you feel low and like you need more energy. We'll fill up the room up with feel good movements to start your day right.

    Do you...

  • Simple Daily Morning Meditation (10-min)

    Can do sitting up in bed or in your traditional meditation seat! Ideal to connect with your intuition and cultivate an inner state of gratitude to start your day.

  • Prenatal Morning Routine (30-Min)

    Let's start the day with some yummy stretches! in this class we will open the body in all of the areas that tend to get tight from lying in bed all night.

  • Advanced Strengthen & Flow - Vinyasa Morning Espresso Yoga (15-Min)

    In this vinyasa flow yoga class, I will show you an awesome morning yoga routine that will wake you up instantly! This yoga class is for intermediate and advanced levels. Improve your flexibility and strengthen your body by doing this morning yoga routine.

    Wake up in the morning with more ener...

  • Beginner Morning Yoga - 10-Min - Energizing Wake Up Vinyasa Flow

    This is the ultimate 10-minute wake up routine! Perfect for all levels. Advanced Uplifted members, feel free to search for and try the class called "Morning Espresso" as well.

  • Yoga for Morning Stiffness (18-min)

    Stiff in the morning? This class is a yoga sequence for morning stiffness! If you woke up and your body muscles are feeling stiff and little sore, this 19 minute class is the perfect to let that morning stiffness go. After doing this yoga for morning stiffness routine, you can follow it up with o...

  • Beginner Morning Yoga Sequence for Greatist (15-min)

    Beginner Yoga Training Guide =>

    Start the day right with this 15-min Beginner Yoga Sequence designed to center you, keep your body in balance and wake you up to start your day. *No prior yoga experience is needed* to...

  • Wake Up Yoga - Yoga for Energy Morning Yoga Routine (10 Min)

    Energizing 10 minute yoga sequence for the morning or any time of the day when you need a boost of energy to wake up or get fired up to tackle something ahead of you.

    This "Get Fired Up" yoga routine is perfect for when you're short on time, or have something you're not looking forward to and...

  • Yoga for Energy & Courage: Power Yoga Sequence, 30-Min Yoga Class

    STHIRA (Strength) Calendar:

    Download Align and Let Go Booklet:

    Yoga for energy and courage. If you're feeling depressed, down or ov...

  • Easy Morning Yoga Stretches in Bed - Wake Up w/ Yoga IN BED Yoga (6 Min) My Morning Yoga Routine

    Sometimes you want to stay IN bed and do yoga. This is MY personal morning routine sequence that you can do under the covers. Follow along on your iPhone or tablet and let me know what you think!

  • Personal Morning Yoga Practice Class - Create Your own Yoga sequence

    Creating your own personal practice is so rewarding. Knowing how to flow through yoga poses you need, on your own is incredibly special. However, it can be hard to get started.

    In this video, I flow through my own improvised morning yoga routine giving you tons of options and suggestions for ...

  • Easy Morning Yoga Sequence to Start Your Day Right (under 10 minutes!)

    Just getting 10-minutes of morning yoga in can really shift your perspective and change your whole day. This yoga sequence clocks in at less than 9-minutes - so no excuse not to give it a go, even on those mornings when you think you're short on time ;)

  • [NEW] Beginner Morning Yoga for Fertility - 15 min