Muldadhara - Root Chakra Classes

Muldadhara - Root Chakra Classes

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Muldadhara - Root Chakra Classes
  • ROOT Chakra schedule Final (1).pdf

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  • Ground & Focus | Beginner Kundalini Meditation (10 Min)

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  • Improve Your Balance Yoga Sequence ♥ All My Tips to Balance in Yoga Poses ♥ (30-Min)

    In this requested flow class I share *ALL* my tips on how to balance in your yoga poses (and we practice fun balances:)

    This class is all about helping you find balance in your yoga practice. I share all my tips as we move through a vinyasa flow class, focusing primarily on balancing postures...

  • [Abundance] Day 8: HATHA to Root, Ground & Restore

    We begin today's class by opening the fascia in the feet and indulging in some simple neck stretches. The practice builds from there! We flow through Lunge Twist, Triangle Pose, and juicy Side Bends before returning back to the floor. Set an intention for today's practice knowing that you can rel...

  • Anti-Anxiety "Get Grounded FAST" Yoga Sequence (8-Min) - ALL LEVELS - Quick Yoga (10 Minute Yoga)

    As requested another short yoga flow - this one's designed to get you grounded fast!

  • [New] Ground Yourself 1-Hour Yin

    This super nourishing Yin sequence touches on all the major parts of the body. Indulge in long holds that allow you to really be present in the moment in this grounding class.

  • Chakra 1 - Meditation (15-Min)

    This video is a guided meditation for the chakra challenge featuring the first chakra also commonly known as the root chakra. Find a comfortable seating position as we do an amazing healing, balancing, and grounding root chakra guided meditation. This guided meditation is perfect for stress relie...

  • Day 13 - Balance Flow for Warrior III (30-Min)

    Deep dive into Warrior III. We start on the floor with hip and hamstring stretches to refine our understanding of the pose. Next, we work with a chair (or use your wall) to further enhance our alignment. With our mechanics refined, we practice coming in and out of the pose via heating lunges befo...

  • RITUAL | Calm Down | Chakra 1

    Associations: First Chakra, Earth, Foundation, Trust, Boundaries

    Do this Class When: You’re feeling rushed, overwhelmed, unsafe, traveling

    Journaling Prompts

    What am I avoid feeling?

    If I were taking care of myself the way I’d take care of my own child, I would…

    Recommended Scent...

  • Yoga for Jetlag & Travel (30-Min)

    This grounding practice is amazing for anyone the has been sitting for a long period of time. We will be using intuitive movement and feel good stretches to loosen muscles and restore blood flow.

  • Fall Equinox Grounding Hatha Slow Flow

    This is a super slow flow class. Beautiful to do if you really want to ground in your body, slow down, and de-stress. We only do a few postures, but this class is surprisingly heating. Enjoy!!

  • Root Chakra Meditation - 15 min

  • Day 16 - Half Hour Half Moon Sequence | Yoga Balancing Poses (30-Min)

    Practice the balancing posture Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana) in this energizing, yet soothing, flow class. We begin with Vinyasa yoga, practicing our balance and warming up all the component parts of the body we'll need for Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana). We end with some short, refreshing Kundali...

  • Hatha Yoga (30-Min) | (All Levels)

    Discover Hatha yoga! Today's 30-minute class is ideal for beginners and those of you looking for a more mindful practice. We'll strengthen and stretch the body, holding each pose for several breaths. Hatha yoga tends to be gentler and slower-paced than a Vinyasa or Power style class (the type of ...

  • Beginner Morning Yoga Sequence for Greatist (15-min)

    Beginner Yoga Training Guide =>

    Start the day right with this 15-min Beginner Yoga Sequence designed to center you, keep your body in balance and wake you up to start your day. *No prior yoga experience is needed* to...

  • Uplifted Workshop: Discover Your Affirmations

    This Yoga/Journal/Meditation class is designed to help you create your own personal Uplifted tape with your own personal affirmation statements. The idea is that you can then listen to this tape as you do dishes, walk your dog, or drive in the car. Get excited. This is powerful stuff!

    Have you...

  • [Elemental] Day 11 - Grounding Meditation for Anxiety - 12 Min

    Short 10 minute grounding meditation for anxiety. Perfect for beginners, empaths, panic attacks, and stress.

    EL9 Class Assembly UP

  • Flow into Crow and Crane (Kakasana / Bakasana)

    Remember: You want to come to Danni’s classes WARM.
    Option 1 - all levels: Do Danni’s wrist warm up (8-minutes) plus 3 Surya Namaskar As
    Option 2 - beginners: Do Wake Up Yoga (10 min) =>

  • Root Chakra 30 Min Yin

    Tap into the power of the Root Chakra with this grounding Yin style class. Gather all of your props and join me, as we slow down and take some time for self care.

  • Get Low w/ Allison (20-min)

  • [Members-Only] Chakra 1 Extended Class (50-Min)