Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

Anti-Anxiety "Get Grounded FAST" Yoga Sequence (8-Min) - ALL LEVELS - Quick Yoga (10 Minute Yoga)

Muldadhara - Root Chakra Classes • 8m 11s

Up Next in Muldadhara - Root Chakra Classes

  • [New] Ground Yourself 1-Hour Yin

    This super nourishing Yin sequence touches on all the major parts of the body. Indulge in long holds that allow you to really be present in the moment in this grounding class.

  • Chakra 1 - Meditation (15-Min)

    This video is a guided meditation for the chakra challenge featuring the first chakra also commonly known as the root chakra. Find a comfortable seating position as we do an amazing healing, balancing, and grounding root chakra guided meditation. This guided meditation is perfect for stress relie...

  • Day 13 - Balance Flow for Warrior III...

    Deep dive into Warrior III. We start on the floor with hip and hamstring stretches to refine our understanding of the pose. Next, we work with a chair (or use your wall) to further enhance our alignment. With our mechanics refined, we practice coming in and out of the pose via heating lunges befo...