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  • [Start Here!] Meet the Uplifted Master Doc!

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    40 Day Kriya

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  • [New] Member Only Live Call: 40 Day Kriya Kick Off

    In this love call I explain how to pick your Kriya, when to do your Kriya, what to do if you miss a day, what to do if you are on your cycle, and so much more!

  • [NEW] Kundalini Yoga Basics: How to Tune In

    In this video I really break down the Adi Mantra, the chant we use to tune in at the begining of every Kundalini Yoga class. You will leran the meaning of this chant and the proper way to do it.

  • [NEW] Sitali Pranayama

    We will learn Sitali Pranayama in this video. Sitali is great for cooling down the body. Great for summer, before bed, or any time you want to calm down. This breath can also be used at the end of a sweaty yoga practice to balance out the heat you have created.

  • [NEW] Alternate Nostril Morning Meditation (11min)

    Start your day feeling balanced and in tune with yoir body. We practice 4 minutes of Pranayama followed by 8 minutes of meditation to focus on our breath and prepare us for the day ahead.

  • [NEW] Beginner Kundalini Day 1

    Welcome to our Kundalini series for total beginners. you do not need any experience, and can even be done in a chair!
    In this first video we will learn about tuning in at the beginning of class and then we will go through series of kundalini exercises together.

  • [NEW} Kundalini Beginner Day 2

    Welcome to day two of our series for total beginner Kundalini. I introduce you to some new kundalini exercises, building on what we learned yesterday.

  • [NEW] Kundalini Yoga for Beginners Day 3 Neck and Shoulder Tension

    Day 3 of of Kundalini for total beginners series! I explain why we wear all white while practicing Kundalini yoga at the beginning of this class. Then we go through some kundalini exercises together, building on what we have learned so far.

  • [NEW] Beginner Kundalini Day 4

    Day 4 of our Kundalini for total beginners series. Further building on what we have learned so far, we add some new postures to our kundalini tool kit.

  • [NEW] Beginner Kundalini Yoga Day 5 Weight Loss and Core

    Day 5 of our Kundalini for total beginner series. Today we have a bit of a core focus, introducing a new posture that is challenging, but really activates the naval center.

  • [NEW] Kundalini Kriya i for Beginners Day 6

    Day 6 of our Kundalini for total beginners series. Today is our big finally, we practice a full Kundalini Kriya toghther. Enjoy!!

  • Uplifted Member Only 23: You Are a Badass at Making Money

  • Fall Equinox Grounding Hatha Slow Flow

    This is a super slow flow class. Beautiful to do if you really want to ground in your body, slow down, and de-stress. We only do a few postures, but this class is surprisingly heating. Enjoy!!

  • [NEW] Yoga for Shoulder & Neck Tension (45 min)

    I am so excited to share this with you! This is the first class I filmed in my very own studio space!
    We focus on the shoulders and neck, an area so many of carry tension in. This is a short class you can come to when you are feeling stressed and want to work out the kinks in these areas.

  • [Member Only] Live Training Call - July 2019

    We had an amazingly relazing live call! In this call we did:
    - A Breath Retention Meditation
    - What is Breath retention for?
    - Engaging the Bandhas
    - How our practice can give us a broad spectrum in life

  • [NEW] Lakshmi Abundance Meditation/Relaxation

    This is a meditation to invite in abundance by invoking the goddess Lakshmi. Approach this from a place of abundance, as opposed to from a place of lacking. You can do this meditation seated or lying down, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

  • [NEW] Lunar Yin Yoga + Chandra Bhedana - 45 min

    I am so excited to share this Yin style class with you! We begin with Chandra Bhedana, to get us more in touch with our cooling feminine energy. I then guide you through a beautiful meditation before we move into the yin portion of the class.

  • [New] Magnificent 9 for Radiance & Beauty (40-min)

    This kriya, recommended for women specifically, is called the Magnificent 9. It is designed to help maintain our inner and outter beauty. Enjoy!

  • [NEW] Kriya Sexual Health & Menopause

    You are going to love this short, but sweet kundalini Kriya designed for our sexual health. We start off strong and end in bliss.

  • [NEW] Healing from Miscarriage Meditation (25-min)

    This highly requested meditation goes back to the science of yoga. I offer you two mudras, and a guided visualization, to try and help you through this time of grief and loss. Sending you love <3

  • [NEW] Breastfeeding Meditation for Mamas (15 min)

    This is a meditation you can do while nursing or pumping. This can help you stimulate milk production, by helping you to relax. Get really comfortable and enjoy.

  • [NEW] Calming Lunar Meditation | Chandra Bhendana

    This mediitation is to tap into the abundamce of the moon. Connect with that more feminine, cooling, grounding energy with me using Chandra Bhendana pranayama.