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  • [NEW] Meet the Uplifted Master Doc!

    LINK TO PDF:,2132827-/brettlarkinyoga/uploads/798796/197422e2-a03e-405f-9583-6103e6161d78-ee826ca8.pdf?token=exp=1504317858~acl=%2F-ctx--user_id%2C2132827-%2Fbrettlarkinyoga%2Fuploads%2F798...

  • [Member Only] Live Call: Fascial Fitness

  • Fascial Fitness

    8 videos

  • Member Only Podcasts

    28 videos

  • [NEW] Yoga for Fertility & Creativity (35-min)

    Set your intention and cultivate surrender. In this class we invite in fluidity as we move through our flow. Let your breath move you, let your intuition take over, and let yourself receive.

  • [NEW] Arm & Core Strengthening Yoga (25-min)

    Tone your upper body (and core) with this heating flow. Remember to smile when things get challenging, and have fun!!

  • [NEW] Mommy & Me - Quick Yoga Stretch + Workout with Infant (20-min)

    Join Alex and me as I show you a quick yoga routine you can do with your little one. This is a fun way to get in some yoga and gaze at your baby all at the same time.

    P.S. You don't need to have a baby to enjoy this class! It's a nice gentle strengthen and stretch you can do any time.

  • [Member Only] Live Call: All Things Feminine w/Special Guest Izzy Adair

    So many gold nuggets of info in this call. We cover:

    -Want to do (yoga and ayurveda-wise) to get pregnant or regulate your cycle
    -The Ayurvedic constitution of your period
    -Should you menstrual cycle line up with exact cycles of the it bad if not?
    -If you are a very active person ...

  • Uplifted At-Home Retreat

    6 videos

  • [Member Only] Live Call: Drishti

    DRISHTI Journaling Prompts starts at 40:30

    1. What's a situation is calling on me to soften or expand my perspective?
    2. If I had to pick one theme for 2018 - a lesson, idea or concept I want consistently see on my horizon, what would it be?
    3. In what scenarios do I notice my focus narrow...

  • [NEW] New Year's Meditation 2018: Integrate & Manifest

    ​Integrate and process 2017
    Set your intentions for 2018
    Immerse yourself in this 45-min healing experience (guided visualization!)
    Baby Alex is in my arms if there are 1 or 2 baby noises, that's why!

  • [NEW] 5-Minute Meditation

    This simple meditation can be done any time, anywhere when you need to relax.

  • [NEW] Kundalini Meditation to Project Your Ideal Future (30-min)

    This is a powerful three part meditation focused on creating your ideal future. Rid yourself of the negative as you project for your future.

  • [NEW] Kundalini Yoga For Digestion (20-min)

    This Kriya is for your digestive system, if you have been having issues or just want to get things moving. Great if you're new to Kundalini!

  • [NEW] Let's Rest (30-min)

    This restorative/yin class takes the spine into flexion/extension and a gentle twist. Keep it in the realm of restorative if you use props to stay fully supported. Make it more yin if you decide to push yourself more toward your edge in the postures. Yum! Enjoy!

  • [NEW] Simple Daily Morning Meditation (10-min)

    Can do sitting up in bed or in your traditional meditation seat! Ideal to connect with your intuition and cultivate an inner state of gratitude to start your day.

  • [NEW] Nighttime Fall Asleep Meditation (12-min)

    Do this one in bed, laying down! Designed to lull you into sleep!

  • [NEW] Sweet Hatha Slow Flow | Hips, Side Body, Low Back (25-min)

    Slow down, strengthen, and lengthen with this sweet Hatha flow. Drop in and connect with your breath when things get tough 😉

  • [NEW] Evening Shoulder Opening Flow w/ Allison Hodge (20-Min)

    Guest teacher Allison guides us through a yummy shoulder opening class that will leave your upper body feeling so relaxed!

  • [NEW] Meditation for Chakra Alignment - 30 min

    In this class we use deep relaxation and visualization to bring our Chakras back into alignment.You can do this meditation seated or lying down. Make yourself comfortable and tune in to your body.

  • [NEW] Deeply Nourish and Restore (45-min)

    Relax and restore as we surrender to gravity and sink into the support of our props in this amazing class. Have all of your props handy! If you don't have props no worries, you can grab pillows and blankets from your bed!