Watch [Members Only] 7 Alternatives to Chaturanga

Watch [Members Only] 7 Alternatives to Chaturanga


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[Members Only] 7 Alternatives to Chaturanga

Align & Let Go • 24m

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  • Destress & Activate Intuition (15-min)

    In this Kundalini meditation we will decrease stress and activate our intuition using a pranayama technique to super charge our Third Eye center. Come to this meditation any time you are looking for clarity and to unwind.

  • Yoga Sculpt - Legs (Chair Required)

    This class requires a chair, which we'll use as an impromptu ballet bar in this Yoga Sculpt for your legs. Through teeny, tiny isometric movements, we tone the inner thighs, quads, calves and stabilizing muscles of the knee and ankle joint. Thank goodness we have yoga to stretch all these areas w...

  • Yoga for Anxiety & Anger: Yoga to Sur...

    Hence the creation of this week's sequence which is all about surrendering to anxiety, and anger - because if you're angry, this will definitely calm you down.