Watch C.5 The Yoga Sutras: PADA II

Watch C.5 The Yoga Sutras: PADA II


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C.5 The Yoga Sutras: PADA II

Bridge Self Study • 1h 2m

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  • C.8.1: Sequencing Masterclass - Part 1

    Start ​Sequencing Best Practices
    33:16 ​Class Structure (Traditional)
    52:08 ​Class Structure (My Style)

    PDF Overview =>

    PDF Art of Sequencing Handout =>

  • C.8.2: Sequencing Master Class - Part 2

    Start ​Stress Busting Flow Breakdown
    16:36 ​Heart Opening Breakdown (Advanced)
    39:40 ​How to Get Inspired
    44:01 ​Designing Condition Based Sequences
    44:01 ​FAQs
    52:42 ​Parting Words

    PDF Stress Busting Flow =>


  • Pure Beginner 1: Introduction to Yogi...

    In this practice, learn how to properly breathe in yoga. See and practice many of yoga’s fundamental poses. Walk away with a solid understanding of Child’s Pose, Cat/Cow, Downward Facing Dog, and Low Lunge.