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[Member Only] Chakra 1 Podcast

Chakra Challenge • 25m

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  • Chakra 2 - Yoga Class (35-Min)

    2nd chakra, svadhisthana chakra or also called the sacral chakra. In this chakra challenge yoga class, we're going to do an amazing yoga flow for creativity complementing the sacral chakra.
    The second chakra or svadhisthana chakra literally translates to sweetness or ease, it's located in your...

  • Chakra 2 - Meditation (17-Min)

    Welcome to our chakra challenge guided meditation for the sacral chakra (also known as the water chakra). In this 15 minute guided meditation, I will show you how you can do a sacral chakra specific meditation with lots of fun visualizations. The sacral chakra or the second chakra is located belo...