Watch B.3.4 The Oh-So-Special Psoas

Watch B.3.4 The Oh-So-Special Psoas

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B.3.4 The Oh-So-Special Psoas

MODULE 1 – The Uplifted Body • 6m 33s

Up Next in MODULE 1 – The Uplifted Body

  • B.3.5 Firing the Correct Glute

    Covered in 3.5:

    -The location of gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus
    -Gluteus maximus
    -The largest muscle in the body by square inch
    -The prime mover of hip extension
    -The antagonist of the psoas
    -Also externally rotates the hip
    -Why over-engaging gl...

  • B.3.6 Imbalanced Actions of the Hips,...

    Covered in 3.6:

    -The quadrants of the thigh
    -How both yoga and life favor hip flexion, abduction and external rotation

  • B.3.7 What You Need to Know About You...

    Covered in 3.7:

    -The knee performs flexion and extension
    -It does not like to rotate
    -Many yoga poses ask for external rotation at the hip and flexion at the knee
    -Pending students’ anatomy, the knee may find itself in a compromising position in which it’s attempting to externally rotate -...