Watch B.4.5 The Elbow

Watch B.4.5 The Elbow

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Up Next in Yoga Teacher Training Material - Fall 2017

  • C.5 The Yoga Sutras: PADA II

  • B.5.1 Let’s Take a Breath

    Please come to this video prepared to simply rest -- and breathe. Set aside some quiet time for yourself (10 minutes or so) and lie down in a space where you can rest fully. Just absorb, and relax.


  • B.5.2 The Anatomy of the Breath & Dia...

    Covered in 5.2:

    -The diaphragm separates the thoracic cavity (your heart) and the abdominal cavity (your organs)
    -The diaphragm has attachments on the lumbar spine AND the psoas
    -The superior side of the diaphragm attaches the to fascia of the heart (the pericardium) and the lungs (the two ...