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Watch Teaching Paschimottanasana

Watch Teaching Paschimottanasana


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Teaching Paschimottanasana

Yoga Teacher Training Material - Fall 2019 • 31m

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  • B.6.4 Parasympathetic Nervous System ...

    Covered in 6.4:

    -Ways to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system AKA “the relaxation response”:
    -Awareness of breath in the body, even in difficult situations (Chair Pose)
    -Active relaxation of muscles (Savasana)
    -Repetitive movements like a Sun Salutations or knitting

  • B.6.5 Ida, Pingala & the Nervous System

    Covered in 6.5:

    -Energetic dualities exist in the body
    -Ida is the lunar, feminine, Yin, meditative channel
    -Pingala is the solar, heated, Yang, masculine channel
    -These energies criss-cross on sushumna nadi like a double helix
    -The chakras reside at the points on the spine where they int...