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Watch Teaching Marjaryasana & Bitilasana


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Teaching Marjaryasana & Bitilasana

Yoga Teacher Training Material - Spring 2019 • 36m

Up Next in Yoga Teacher Training Material - Spring 2019

  • B.2.6 Alignment of the Head and Neck

    Covered in 2.6:

    -Sitting up straight may feel like leaning slightly back in space and dipping the chin slightly
    -By pressing the pec below the collarbone and turning the head, we can feel a fascial shearing of the the scalenes, SCM and pectoralis
    -How the bones of the neck are not a “ball-a...

  • B.3.1 Meet Your Pelvic Bowl

    Covered in 3.1:

    -3 key bones make up your pelvic bowl:
    -Sides: The Ilium
    -Location of the ASIS (hip points)
    -Location of the iliac crest
    -Location of the SI joint (connection to the sacrum)
    -Back: The two Ischium bones
    -Location of the sits bones (ischial tuberosity)...

  • B.3.2 Male vs Female Pelvis

    Covered in 3.2:

    -Anatomical difference between female pelvis and male pelvis
    -The female pelvis has:
    -A wider flared ilium
    -A pubic arch that is wider than 90 degrees
    -An acetabulum (hip socket) that is more anterior and medial (more forward and in)
    -A wider sacrum and...