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Watch B.1.5 Troubleshooting Vinyasa

Watch B.1.5 Troubleshooting Vinyasa


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Up Next in Yoga Teacher Training Material - Spring 2019

  • B.1.6 Meet Your Bones

    Covered in 1.6:

    -How bones are living tissue
    -Names of all the major bones in the body
    -Axial versus appendicular skeleton

  • B.1.7 Anatomical Position & Terms

    Covered in 1.7:

    -What is anatomical neutral?
    -Key terms to orient ourselves when talking about the body

  • B.1.8 Planes of Movement

    Covered in 1.8:

    -Sagittal Plane: Flexion and Extension
    -Coronal Plane: Abduction and adduction
    -Transverse Plane: Internal and external rotation