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Watch Yoga Secrets: Downdog

Watch Yoga Secrets: Downdog


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Up Next in Yoga Teacher Training Material - Winter 2018

  • How to Do Downward Facing Dog | Yoga ...

    How to do downward dog w/ correct alignment - in under 60-seconds!

    Down dog releases tension in your spine, stretches your hamstrings and calves and strengthens your upper body.

    It‘s the anchoring posture of most classes, so you want to get it right.

    FIX 1

    If your back is rounded or...

  • B.4.4 The Secret is Your Serratus

    Covered in 4.4:

    -When your scapulae are muscularly glued onto your back, you are stronger and better able to support your body weight in yoga
    -A muscle called serratus anterior attaches to the medial border of the scapulae and performs this stabilizing action
    -Demonstration of “Serratus Push...

  • B.4.5 The Elbow

    Covered in 4.5:

    -A nerve in your elbow creates the shooting pain you feel when you hit your “funny bone”
    -180 degrees of extension between the ulna and the humerus is what’s considered “normal”
    -People with hyperextension can extend more than 180 degrees between the ulna and humerus
    -This ...