Watch Live Call # 3 - Saturday, January 21st

Watch Live Call # 3 - Saturday, January 21st

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Live Call # 3 - Saturday, January 21st

January 2017 YTT Material • 1h 7m

Up Next in January 2017 YTT Material

  • Kundalini Yoga for Energy and Radianc...

    This is the new class I just filmed with chanting if some of you want to get your chant on with me :) <3

  • B.1.2. Individuality + The Pose is No...

    Sutra 1.1 Atha Yoga Anusasanam
    Only in “the moment of now” can Yoga begin

    Covered in 1.2:
    -Most injuries occur when we are entering or exiting a pose
    -We are all vastly different, down to our bones
    -Demonstration of the differences in femur length between two specimens

  • B.1.3 The Big Picture

    Sutra 2.1 Tapah Svadhyaya Ishvara Pranidhana Kriya Yogah
    Yoga is the balance of discipline and surrender through the study of the self

    Covered in 1.3
    - Our aim is to balance effort/muscular energy (tapah) and softening/surrender (ishvara pranidhana)
    - This tight rope walk is navigated thro...