Watch C.5 The Yoga Sutras: PADA II

Watch C.5 The Yoga Sutras: PADA II

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C.5 The Yoga Sutras: PADA II

January 2017 YTT Material • 1h 2m

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  • B.4.4 The Secret is Your Serratus

    Covered in 4.4:

    -When your scapulae are muscularly glued onto your back, you are stronger and better able to support your body weight in yoga
    -A muscle called serratus anterior attaches to the medial border of the scapulae and performs this stabilizing action
    -Demonstration of “Serratus Push...

  • B.4.5 The Elbow

    Covered in 4.5:

    -A nerve in your elbow creates the shooting pain you feel when you hit your “funny bone”
    -180 degrees of extension between the ulna and the humerus is what’s considered “normal”
    -People with hyperextension can extend more than 180 degrees between the ulna and humerus
    -This ...

  • C.7 Tantra, Nadis & the Gunas