Watch B.1.8 Planes of Movement

Watch B.1.8 Planes of Movement


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B.1.8 Planes of Movement

January 2017 YTT Material • 11m

Up Next in January 2017 YTT Material

  • Live Call #6: B.1.5 | B.1.6 | B.1.7 |...

    Focus on 1.7, 1.8 Planes of Movement

  • B.1.9 Joint Structure

    Covered in 1.9:

    -Properties of the knee joint: bones, ligaments, joint capsule, synovial fluid
    -Fibro and articular cartilage
    -Why your knees are like grandma’s fine china
    -How to protect the knee in pigeon and pigeon variations

  • B.1.10 Muscles - Do they Matter?

    Covered in 1.10:
    -What are muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments and bursa
    -Concentric, eccentric and isometric contraction
    -Prime movers, antagonists and synergists

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