Watch B.2.1 The Spine and its Curves

Watch B.2.1 The Spine and its Curves

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B.2.1 The Spine and its Curves

January 2017 YTT Material • 14m

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  • B.2.2 The Vertebrae Up Close & Personal

    Covered in 2.2
    -What your vertebrae look like
    -The parts that make up each vertebra (vertebral body, spinous and transverse processes, and pedicles of the thoracic spine)
    -What happens to the intervertebral discs of the spine in flexion, extension, and rotation
    -How twists compress the spine...

  • B.2.3 The Spine: Section by Section

    Covered in 2.3:

    What the lumbar vertebrae are good at (and not so good at)
    Why the lumbar vertebrae are better at extension than the thoracic vertebrae
    What’s special about T6, T11 and T12
    Why the thoracic vertebrae work best as a team
    Atlas and axis and why they’re unique
    Inversions and ...

  • Live Call #8: B.2.1 | B.2.2 | B.2.3 |...