Watch E.5.7 Yin: Asanas

Watch E.5.7 Yin: Asanas


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E.5.7 Yin: Asanas

January 2017 YTT Material PART 2 • 1h 12m

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    Mentioned in the call:
    Here is the Yoga Nidra from my teacher Mona. She is a teacher Kristin Leal and I have in common. She also starts with the hands => However, in this other yoga nidra, the teacher jumps all over the body and even invites in Intenti...

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  • E.6.1 What is Restorative Yoga?

    Covered in E.6.1:

    As humans, we’ve been conditioned to stress
    Blood is shunted to the legs and arms so we can fight, flight or freeze
    This causes our cortisol levels to rise exponentially
    High cortisol levels are linked to fatty tissue
    Constant stress means the body is not able to rest or ...