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Watch Live Call # 24 E.1|E.2


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Live Call # 24 E.1|E.2

January 2017 YTT Material PART 2 • 1h 8m

Up Next in January 2017 YTT Material PART 2

  • B.5.5 The Cardiovascular System

    Covered in 5.5:

    The heart is the commander of the vascular system; it has has 4 chambers
    Half of the heart pumps blood into the lungs for the cleanout process of oxygen to CO2
    Half of the heart sends that oxygen rich blood through the rest of the body via the arteries
    Arteries carry oxygen...

  • Live Call #25: B.5.5 | Sirsasana | Ha...

  • B.5.6 Diaphragms within the Body

    Please come to this video prepared to rest and breathe in a space where you can relax fully. We do a supine breathing exercise together at the end of this lecture.

    Covered in 5.6:

    There are multiple diaphragms within the body
    The “Throat Diaphragm” lives in our vocal folds (this is releva...