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  • Yoga for Fertility & Creativity (35-min)

    Set your intention and cultivate surrender. In this class we invite in fluidity as we move through our flow. Let your breath move you, let your intuition take over, and let yourself receive.

  • Mommy & Me - Quick Yoga Stretch + Workout with Infant (20-min)

    Join Alex and me as I show you a quick yoga routine you can do with your little one. This is a fun way to get in some yoga and gaze at your baby all at the same time.

    P.S. You don't need to have a baby to enjoy this class! It's a nice gentle strengthen and stretch you can do any time.

  • Yoga for Sickness, Travel, Tiredness - When You're Just Feeling YUCKY (25 min)

    Also great for First Trimester pregnancy / morning sickness, this slow healing class is great for when you just aren't feeling your best. Relax, restore, and tap into your body's own healing power.

  • Prenatal Bedtime Routine (30-Min)

    This new Prenatal class will help you wind-down and work out the kinks from your day as you prepare for bed. No worries if you aren't pregnant, this class would feel great for anybody!

  • Deeply Nourish and Restore (45-min)

    Relax and restore as we surrender to gravity and sink into the support of our props in this amazing class. Have all of your props handy! If you don't have props no worries, you can grab pillows and blankets from your bed!

  • Prenatal Morning Routine (30-Min)

    Let's start the day with some yummy stretches! in this class we will open the body in all of the areas that tend to get tight from lying in bed all night.

  • Free Your Fear of Labor (Yoga, Journal, Meditation)

    Bring a journal to this class!

  • Easeful Labor: Stretch & Meditate | Connect w/ Bab

    Stretch, meditate and tap into your baby's wisdom to feel easeful, safe and secure as you prepare for labor.

  • Prenatal: Discover & Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

    This is a workshop style class in which we use a variety of techniques to find, access and strengthen our pelvic floor. Props needed: Block or stack of sturdy books

  • Quick Morning Prenatal Stretch + Squats (20 min)

    This is a 20 minute Prenatal Morning Yoga Routine to help you wake-up and go. Safe and Appropriate for all 3 trimesters. If you're feeling stiff and in need of some stretching of the areas that need to be stretched. Also good to start up your heart and keep the blood pumping. This pregnancy yoga ...

  • Prenatal Yoga for Yoga Beginners (35 min) - Easy & Gentle!

    Prenatal Yoga For Beginners - This is a prenatal yoga class. You do not need any prior yoga experience to be able to enjoy this yoga class with me. We are going to stretch relax and we will also do movements that will actually prepare us or strengthen us for labor. Get FREE pregnancy yoga videos ...

  • Gentle PreNatal Yoga | Slow Down & Connect with Baby (Safe for all 3 Trimesters) - 20 min

    This is a short gentle prenatal yoga routine that is safe for all trimesters (first, second, and third) and the goal is to ground you and connect you with your baby when you are short on time. This yoga for pregnancy routine or sequence will start in a crossed legged position and I'll guide you a...

  • Yoga for Nausea, Fatigue & Morning Sickness (20-Min)

    This restorative class is great for when you are feeling sick, if you're pregnant, oi if you are feeling exhausted. Grab a chair, a block, (perhaps a pillow and blanket too) and settle in to these two deeply healing poses.

  • Khalsa Way Class (Kundalini Inspired) - 60-Min Full Length PreNatal Class