Abundance Course Bundle

Abundance Course Bundle

-Invoke and embody Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, beauty and good fortune
- Create powerful affirmations
Set our true intentions
- ASK for what we desire in both the spiritual AND material realm

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Abundance Course Bundle

21 Videos

  • TRAILER: 18 Days of Abundance - Uplifted

    In each moment we have the choice to see the world as a place of scarcity or to see a world of overflowing abundance. You have the power to choose! In this course we will explore the ancient teachings of the Vedas to awaken Shakti. We invoke the goddess Lakshmi, create powerful affirmations, and ...

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  • Member Only Live Call: Abundance Workshop

  • [Abundance] Day 1: Ease Into It Introduction (Yoga + Journaling)

    Note: This class includes optional journaling work. Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha. Welcome to Day 1 of our abundance exploration! I am so excited to explore the abundance concept with you in this yin-inspired relaxing hour. Let's clear our energy, shake off the past, and open with this little ...

  • [Abundance] Day 2: AURA CLEANSING Flow & Release

    Today's affirmation: I am open & receptive. Welcome to Day 2 of our abundance exploration. Let's clear our energy field. We begin with an energizing, Kundalini variation of "Breath of Joy." This cleanses our electromagnetic field and supercharges our energy. Get into a rhythm and have fun with it...

  • [Abundance] Day 3: FLOW to Meet Lakshmi

    Welcome to Day 3 of our abundance exploration. Let's get better acquainted with the goddess Lakshmi. We start with a juicy, feel-good flow and close with a relaxing meditation to invoke the goddess. The mantra we use: Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha

    Internal name: AB05 Class Assembly UP

  • [Abundance] - Day 4: ALAKSHMI Power Flow

    It's Day 4 and we're ready to we meet Alakshmi - the opposite of divine cosmic order. This is the opposing force of the goddess Lakshmi. Don't worry though, we use Alakshmi as inspiration to let go of any negativity we are holding onto through a powerful flow. Let's shake it off together! Today's...

  • [Abundance] Day 5: KUNDALINI Magic Manifestation Kriya (with music!)

    Kriya begins @ minute 11 for those of you who are repeating the class or want to skip journaling. This is a beginner friendly, yet immensely powerfully Kundalini set I've designed to music. No prior Kundalini experience required. It's Day 5 of our abundance exploration, so time to frame some clea...

  • [Abundance] Day 6: EMBRACE Abundance Total Body Flow

    Day 6 of our abundance exploration. Today we move the whole body. Flow, balancing postures, backbends - this class has it all. As we move through this sequence, we reflect on what areas are going well in our lives, as well as where we desire transformation. Make this a moving meditation. Affirmat...

  • [Abundance] Day 7: GROOVE, Rock, Release Flow

    This class begins standing, allowing us to gently ground and center our energy. Then, things get funky! Our focus today is fluidity. It's time to release all the tension you've been holding in the body for too long. Let go of stagnation and allow abundance to flow in! Release your inhibitions and...

  • [Abundance] Day 8: HATHA to Root, Ground & Restore

    We begin today's class by opening the fascia in the feet and indulging in some simple neck stretches. The practice builds from there! We flow through Lunge Twist, Triangle Pose, and juicy Side Bends before returning back to the floor. Set an intention for today's practice knowing that you can rel...

  • [Abundance] Day 9: MEDITATION to Release Fear

    Our class today is a Kundalini meditation to release fear of the future. This is a special meditation, one that I turn to anytime I feel overwhelmed or stressed-out. This meditation transforms the energy of the lower three charkas and invites energy into the heart space. Cultivate a feeling of se...

  • [Abundance] Day 10 - RECEPTIVITY Flow for More Abundance

    Let's invite our desires in by becoming more easeful and spacious inside. Today, we call to mind what's already going well in our lives. Let's invoke abundance from a space of gratitude. Affirmation: May there be More Of....

    Internal name: AB08 Class Assembly UP

  • [Abundance] Day 11: YIN + JOURNALING - Let it Be

    Note: This class includes optional journaling work.
    Welcome to Day 11 of our abundance exploration. Today we are going to yin it up and learn to just let it be. Put your "ask statements" into the fire and release your expectations. Know that you will be OK, no matter the outcome. It's time to j...

  • [Abundance] Day 12 - KAMA Playful Balancing Flow

    Today we focus on Lakshmi and attracting abundance through the concept of KAMA: pleasure and sensory enjoyment. Lakshmi is playful. She wants us to have fun! The goal of today's practice is to laugh! Savor the fun moments as we flow and play with balancing postures. Affirmation: I Make Having Fun...

  • [Abundance] Day 13: Juicy FLOW for Pleasure

    Did someone say hip circles? This class is all about juicy, feel-good movements. We begin with a foot massage and keep indulging from there! Expect body rolls, moving lunges, spiral movements and side bends. Affirmation: I Expand Consciously into Pleasure

    Internal name: AB10 Class Assembly UP

  • [Abundance] Day 14: MEDITATION to Meet Lakshmi

    This meditation connects us deeply with the goddess Lakshmi and our divine feminine nature. First, we invoke Lakshmi using the mantra Om Shrim Lakshmi Namaha. Together, we invite in her special energy. Feel the effects of this practice throughout the rest of your day. Affirmation: I am Powered by...

  • [Abundance] Day 15: YIN - Relax into Abundance

    Money time! Today we focus on ARTHA - abundance in the material realm. We use the Yin practice as a way to ease into the discomfort of asking for our material wants. We call to mind a direct ask and cultivate a sense of abundance and gratitude for what is going well as we hold Yin postures. We cl...

  • [Abundance] Day 16: MOKSHA Flow for Abundance & Enlightenment

    Today we explore the idea of abundance as MOKSHA: spiritual liberation. Let's reflect on our enlightenment and spiritual side. We do this in a beautiful flow class focusing on the pause between the inhalation and exhalation. Let's get connected to the subtlest aspects of our being. We end with a ...

  • [Abundance] Day 17: CHAKRA MEDITATION to Attract Abundance

    Find your comfortable meditation seat and settle in (you can also lie down part way through this exercise!). In today's class, we explore ALL of the 4 paths to abundance we've discussed thus far. Then we use the mantra OM Hreem Shreem Lakshmi Bhyo Namaha to invite wealth and prosperity into each ...

  • [Abundance] Day 18: KUNDALINI Manifestation Practice + Clearing the Arc Line

    Note: This class includes optional journaling work.
    Welcome to the final day of our abundance exploration. We will be doing the same Kriya we did a while ago, but adding on. This time we will do the somewhat challenging meditation that closes this Kriya. This will help clear the electromagnetic...

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