Always Be Stretching - 6 Full Body Stretching Routines [Requires Props]

Always Be Stretching - 6 Full Body Stretching Routines [Requires Props]

Props Sold Separately (discount link emailed to you upon purchase).

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SIX 15 Min Yoga Routines for Full Body Maintenance

You’ll already be sneaking stretching into your daily life in all sorts of sneaky ways with my Always Be Stretching© videos and props. Here, I provide 6 additional video routines (ideally you use one each day of the week and go to a studio to do a full-length yoga workout on weekends):

-15 Minute Spine Lengthening
-15 Minute Low Back Release
-15 Minute Hip Opening
-15 Minute Shoulder Opening
-15 Minute Core Strengthening
-15 Minute Hamstrings & IT Band

All these routines are Yin-Inspired, self Myofasical Release, so they are appropriate for all levels.
Perfect for when you’re tired.

Props for this kit are available to you here

Hacking stretching at the ninja-level into your daily routine doesn’t happen without good tools.

INCLUDED and shipped to you FREE:

2 yoga blocks
2 yoga sandbags
1 chiropractic block
1 Cranio Cradle
1 myofascial release ball
1 jar of my calming meditation cream (BONUS!)

Note: ordering these exact tools (the best versions you want to own – the ones I use on a daily basis) would require you placing orders at 4+ online retails AND paying for shipping. Plus buying a $15 pump for your myofasical release ball, which I will you send you pre-pumped :)

I got sick of the sound of my own voice repeatedly telling friends and clients what special props I use to make this all happen (we’re talking way beyond blocks and bolsters here), where to buy them and the various ways I use them.

So I decide to include in this kit all the essential tools you need to make constant stretching a reality. People told me that this was too big a project to take on, but I wanted you to be ready right out of the gate with no excuses with all the props you need.

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Always Be Stretching - 6 Full Body Stretching Routines [Requires Props]

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