Sequencing Masterclass

Sequencing Masterclass

Create sequences that inspire and uplift.

In my 120-minute sequencing masterclass, I cover all of yoga's sequencing rules and how to break them so you can create classes that are unique and passionately YOU.

You get a quick anatomy review, the components of sequence design as it was taught to me, and my own special framework for designing classes. Use this a template for your own creativity.

I share sure-fire ways to get inspiration for your sequencing, plus how I design condition-based sequences.

Charge a premium for these specialized sequences in your own workshops and programs.

Just starting out?

- Teach one of my done-for-you sequences, provided as a written PDF
- Use my sequence design worksheet as a framework for your own classes
- Sprinkle your own signature style into any routine using my framework

New and seasoned teachers will walk away excited from this masterclass.


1) Two 60-min Training Videos (including an advanced masterclass showing you how I designed one of my most popular, complex sequences, step-by-step)
2) Two PDF classes, written out for you pose-by-pose (with corresponding videos of me doing the sequence)
3) Sequencing Template: I give you my framework to use in your own classes

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Sequencing Masterclass

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