Restorative: Sick, Injured, Hands-Free

Restorative: Sick, Injured, Hands-Free

Yoga for when you're not feeling so hot.

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Restorative: Sick, Injured, Hands-Free
  • Rest in Your Power - Solar Plexus Yin Yoga - 55min

    We explore twists and work with the Stomach and the Kidney Meridians in this class to help restore a sense of balance to our Third Chakra.

  • [Elemental] Day 13 - Therapeutic Yoga Sequence | Self Myofascial Release -20 Min

    This is a myofascial release yoga class. This gentle, therapeutic yoga class connects you with mother earth.

  • [Elemental] Day 10 - Hatha Flow w/ Deep Breathing Exercises- 25 Min

    Increase your lung capacity through deep breathing exercises in this sweet hatha flow. Open yourself up to receive more air and love! Heart chakra focus.

  • [Elemental] Day 9- Relaxing Hip Opening Flow ๐Ÿ’Ÿ Aaaah -12 Min

    This is a feel good yoga chakra flow focused on increasing hip flexibility. Let's enjoy delicious spiral movements together.

  • [Elemental] Day 8 - Juicy Lympathic System Massage ๐Ÿ’† - 25 Min

    Yummy yoga for lymphatic health - vinyasa flow. This lymphatic focused yoga flow incorporates self-lymph massage and gentle movements. Encourages lymphatic drainage. All levels gentle yoga detox.

  • Yoga Nidra (20 min) | Low Intensity

  • Restorative Yoga for Type A People (20-min)

    This is a short restorative class for those that struggle with restorative yoga. This class is more on the active end of the spectrum, so not your typical restorative yoga class.Grab a block and bolsters if you have them, and let's get started!

  • Personal Practice Series: Extreme Stress

    Have your props handy, and come practice with me. My personal practice is unplanned, and evolves as I go. This class allows you a peek into what it is like, and to practice along with me. Use this to explore your own personal practice, finding what works for your body today.

  • Yoga for Nausea, Fatigue & Morning Sickness (20-Min)

    This restorative class is great for when you are feeling sick, if you're pregnant, oi if you are feeling exhausted. Grab a chair, a block, (perhaps a pillow and blanket too) and settle in to these two deeply healing poses.

  • Day 20 - Gentle Yoga | Detox Fusion | Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin (35-Min)

    In this class, we warm up with Vinyasa postures before enjoying some time in โ€œSufi Grindโ€ - a classic Kundalini practice. We sink into delicious Yin hip stretches to unwind tension in the lower body. We conclude with a guided visualization and meditation. Prepare to open your hips, soften the bod...

  • Day 10 - Gentle Yoga | Vinyasa, Yin and Breath Meditation (30-Min)

    Enjoy this gentle, beginner-friendly class, regardless of how long you've been practicing. We start with Vinyasa, reviewing and refining our alignment is poses like cat/cow, easy twists and gentle forward folds. Next, we stretch the quads in a delicious Yin posture, opening the whole front line o...

  • Day 6 - Yoga to Relieve Stress | Yoga + Meditation to Find Fluidity and Grace (20-Min)

    Open the body with feel good poses! In this calming sequence designed to alleviate stress, we flow through lunges, heart openers and channel the quality of water through juicy body rolls and wave-like motions. We conclude with a beautiful Kundalini-inspired meditation designed to soothe your body...

  • Deeply Nourish and Restore (45-min)

    Relax and restore as we surrender to gravity and sink into the support of our props in this amazing class. Have all of your props handy! If you don't have props no worries, you can grab pillows and blankets from your bed!

  • Yoga for Jetlag & Travel (30-Min)

    This grounding practice is amazing for anyone the has been sitting for a long period of time. We will be using intuitive movement and feel good stretches to loosen muscles and restore blood flow.

  • Hip Opening at the Wall - Stretch Hips & Inner Thighs Routine (30-Min)

    This is a restorative, hip opening stretching class at the wall. This 30 minutes yoga class is a gentle yin style yoga stretching for your hips and inner thighs. This practice will involve your hips and inner thighs through an amazing stretching routine.

  • Yin for Tight Hips - 45 Min

    This video is a hybrid sequence of gentle hip opening yoga and restorative yin yoga for your tight hips. For this class I would like you to have bolsters, blankets and blocks. Or if you don't have yoga props, you can still join us by grabbing pillows, couch cushions so you can set up these yoga p...

  • Yoga Nap Yin "Blissapline" (20 Min)

    This yoga class is for when you're tired and you're looking for a restorative yoga to replenish your energy from exhaustion. This is also a wonderful yoga nap where you can relax, stay cozy and replenish yourself. Come join me in this 20 minute yoga class.

  • Bedtime Stretch + Meditation - 25 min

    This is an all levels yoga sequence for before bed. Use it to stimulate a restful sleep, or practice it anytime of day that you want to calm down. Doing yoga before bed is ideal because it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, preparing your body for sleep and relaxation.

    Stretching ...

  • Lazy Yoga - Easy Yin-Inspired Yoga Sequence for When You Need a Break - Great for Beginners

    In this easy yoga sequence, we stretch the hamstrings, hips, and low back. YUM! This is exactly what my personal yoga practice looks like when I'm stressed, overworked, overtired or just too fatigued to stand up. Even if you are exhausted, you will feel so much better after 15-minutes of Yin yoga...

  • [Member-Only] Yoga Nidra + Nadi Shodana Ultimate Relaxation Uplifted

    In this *Members Only* class we practice โ€œyogic sleepโ€. With a guided relaxation you will fall into a deep state of conscious sleep, allowing the mind and body to rest. We then slowly awaken to practice a few rounds of Alternate Nostril Breathing to further calm the mind before we sit in meditat...

  • Restorative Yoga for Stress - Great for Beginners (20-min)

    You're in for a treat! Restorative yoga is about pure relaxation. If youโ€™re feeling tired, stressed or overworked, Restorative yoga is the answer! Dim the lights, consider lighting a candle, and get ready for 30-luxurious minutes of self-care. You don't need fancy props to reap the benefits of th...

  • Day 7 RESTORE - Yin Yoga to Rest & Replenish - 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul

    This is a 30-minute Yin-inspired class designed to release the spine, open the hamstrings, and help you chill out. Perfect for when youโ€™re tired or to practice before bed.

  • Easy Yoga for Your Feet and Ankles

    In this class we will stretch the Achilles tendon and the fascia of our feet. Your lower legs will feel amazing after this class! Be sure to check out the Uplifted members only extended version too.

  • Bedtime Yoga for Everyone

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    After a month of sculpting, I felt like another yoga in bed class was needed. ...