Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

[NEW] Restorative Yoga for Type A People (20-min)

Restorative: Sick, Injured, Hands-Free • 23m

Up Next in Restorative: Sick, Injured, Hands-Free

  • Personal Practice Series: Extreme Stress

    Have your props handy, and come practice with me. My personal practice is unplanned, and evolves as I go. This class allows you a peek into what it is like, and to practice along with me. Use this to explore your own personal practice, finding what works for your body today.

  • Yoga for Nausea, Fatigue & Morning Si...

    This restorative class is great for when you are feeling sick, if you're pregnant, oi if you are feeling exhausted. Grab a chair, a block, (perhaps a pillow and blanket too) and settle in to these two deeply healing poses.

  • Day 20 - Gentle Yoga | Detox Fusion |...

    In this class, we warm up with Vinyasa postures before enjoying some time in “Sufi Grind” - a classic Kundalini practice. We sink into delicious Yin hip stretches to unwind tension in the lower body. We conclude with a guided visualization and meditation. Prepare to open your hips, soften the bod...

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