Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

Overcome Fear Meditation - Face Your Fear Guided Meditation

Ritual Training Plan - Month 2 • 17m

Up Next in Ritual Training Plan - Month 2

  • RITUAL | Face My Fears | Chakra 4

    Open your heart in this fourth chakra flow including backbends, lunges, and shoulder openers. As we expand our heart center, we remember that our fears are simply a set of assumptions that go unquestioned over time. It can be hard for us to face our fear. We’ve been taught not to run fr...

  • Gentle Somatic Yoga for Emotional Rel...

    In this class we are gonna get a little weird. This is not a traditional yoga class, we are going to do some really interesting movements that are gonna help to loosen up your joints and really reset your nervous system. Let's get ready to be adventurous. See you on the mat!

  • Chakra 4 - Yoga Class (35-Min)

    These heart chakra yoga poses are our gateway to love, joy and inner peace. Today, we are going to have a yoga class focusing on the fourth chakra or the anahata chakra. Welcome to week 4 of the chakra challenge! The fourth chakra is a powerful point of intersection, located at the area of your h...