Sahasrara - Crown Chakra Classes

Sahasrara - Crown Chakra Classes

Sahasrara - Crown Chakra Classes

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Sahasrara - Crown Chakra Classes
  • Chakra 7 - Meditation (15-Min)

    This video is a guided meditation for the crown chakra. It's time to listen to the wisdom of the universe through the seventh chakra or sahasrara chakra. This is our meditation for week 7 of the chakra challenge and will focus on the 7th chakra or the crown chakra.

    The crown chakra is also kno...

  • Day 11 - 7th Chakra Activation | Kundalini Yoga Kriya | Set Your Foundation, then Reach Infinity | Crown Chakra (35-Min)

    In this full Kundalini Kriya, we work on the area of the pelvis to set a solid foundation for ascension. We move through a set of twists, arm-strengtheners and squats, making this a total body practice accessible to students of all levels! We end with a Meditation for the Tenth Gate (the Crown Ch...

  • Bedtime Stretch + Meditation - 25 min

    This is an all levels yoga sequence for before bed. Use it to stimulate a restful sleep, or practice it anytime of day that you want to calm down. Doing yoga before bed is ideal because it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, preparing your body for sleep and relaxation.

    Stretching ...

  • Blissful Morning Awakening - 20 Min

    his morning yoga routine is a flow for beginners, including all other levels. This 20-min yoga sequence is designed to create a blissful space in your morning, even if you feel low and like you need more energy. We'll fill up the room up with feel good movements to start your day right.

    Do you...

  • Yoga Journal Meditation (45-Min)

    his class is a yoga, journaling, and meditation combo practice. We combine movement, writing in your journal and doing meditation in a way that's personal and interconnected for you. These three practices can often we hard to weave together on your own. In this 45 minute video we will do all 3 (y...

  • [NEW] Meditation to Connect with Your Highest Self - 20min

  • Day 16 HEADSTAND - Build Strength for Headstand - 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul

    This playful practice opens the chest and tones the upper body. Coming into full headstand at the end is optional. Modifications are given.

  • [Members Only] Chakra 7 Extended Class

    This is our Uplifted member only Crown Chakra class. This is a special class containing intuitive, somatic movement to find more pathways for release in the body. This is a no mat class, but you will want some blankets!!

  • [NEW] Kundalini Yoga for Inner Alignment - 20min

    This Kundalini meditation is designed to really bring you into your center, into your truth. Use this meditation to decide exactly where you need to go with your day.

  • Rejuvinate Yoga Hip and Upper Back

    This total beginner yoga class is appropriate for all levels. In it, I've put together my favorite feel good poses like lunges, shoulder openers and hip openers.

  • Day 14 - Kundalini Meditation for Stress & Fear | Reset Your Brain's Electromagnetic Field (15-Min)

    Alter the currency of your nervous system! In this short, insanely powerful meditation, we bust through stress and reset our brain's electromagnetic field. We do this through practicing Breath of Fire with Lion's Paw mudra, criss-crossing the wrists above the head. We end in a blissful, silent, s...

  • [NEW] Kundalini for Elevation 6th Chakra - 40 Min

  • Fascial Fitness Unwind

    Get ready to relax and unwind in this special class focused on intuitive movement (with lots of guidance and suggestions offered!). You'll want to simply be on a blanket (no mat required) if you have
    hardwood floors, or directly on the carpet if your home has rugs. This practice is fantastic fo...

  • [Member-Only] Yoga Nidra + Nadi Shodana Ultimate Relaxation Uplifted

    In this *Members Only* class we practice “yogic sleep”. With a guided relaxation you will fall into a deep state of conscious sleep, allowing the mind and body to rest. We then slowly awaken to practice a few rounds of Alternate Nostril Breathing to further calm the mind before we sit in meditat...

  • Day 17 - New Moon Flow | Vinyasa Yoga | Pranayama | Meditation (25-Min)

    Drop into a sense of inner peace and calm. In this Vinyasa class, we channel the energy of the moon for a slow, grounding practice. We create a circle, mandala-style, on the mat. Flow through deep lunges, goddess pose, and a juicy side stretch. End with Chandra Bhedana, a breathing technique desi...

  • Kundalini Meditation to Expand & Awaken (20-min)

    This Kundalini meditation uses Pranayama and visualization to expand and awaken your energy. Even if you don't feel as though you are good at visualization, the breathing technique alone can profoundly change your energy.

  • Chakra 7 - Yoga Class (30-Min)

    This is the 7th chakra yoga class for week 7 of the chakra challenge. The crown chakra is our gateway to get in touch with your higher power.

  • Yoga + Meditation Combo for Energy and Stress Relief (30-min) - Shift Out of Anxiety

    This total beginner yoga class is appropriate for all levels. It's gentle, therapeutic, and avoids putting pressure on the wrists.

  • Hip Opening at the Wall - Stretch Hips & Inner Thighs Routine (30-Min)

    This is a restorative, hip opening stretching class at the wall. This 30 minutes yoga class is a gentle yin style yoga stretching for your hips and inner thighs. This practice will involve your hips and inner thighs through an amazing stretching routine.

  • Immune Boosting Yoga Sequence (60-Min)

    This is a one hour (60 minute) vinyasa flow sequence with luxurious spirals and circular movements to stimulate the lymphatic system and boost your body's immune system. Whether you are sick, recovering from a cold, or think you may be getting sick, you will feel open and revived after this pract...