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  • Uplifted Self Massage Training Guide.pdf

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  • [Member-Only] Self Massage & Yoga Live Call

    -Sinking and shearing during MFR
    -How often to foam roll/do MFR
    -How self massage helps us tune in to our bodies
    -What is the healing crisis and tranformational pain

    -Is rocking normal during Kundalini meditation?

  • [INTRO] Watch this First! -- Self Massage Month Intro

    Download this calendar and booklet

  • "Just 10 Minutes" Yoga Routine

    What to do when you only have 10 minutes to practice.

  • Easy Yoga for Your Feet and Ankles

    In this class we will stretch the Achilles tendon and the fascia of our feet. Your lower legs will feel amazing after this class! Be sure to check out the Uplifted members only extended version too.

  • Yoga Sculpt - Legs (Chair Required)

    This class requires a chair, which we'll use as an impromptu ballet bar in this Yoga Sculpt for your legs. Through teeny, tiny isometric movements, we tone the inner thighs, quads, calves and stabilizing muscles of the knee and ankle joint. Thank goodness we have yoga to stretch all these areas w...

  • Improve Your Balance Yoga Sequence ♥ All My Tips to Balance in Yoga Poses ♥ (30-Min)

    In this requested flow class I share *ALL* my tips on how to balance in your yoga poses (and we practice fun balances:)

    This class is all about helping you find balance in your yoga practice. I share all my tips as we move through a vinyasa flow class, focusing primarily on balancing postures...

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage Lower Body Foam Roller

    Gather your props and foam roller for this 40 minute class. We begin by stretching our feet, ankles, and calves. After this we foam roll the lower leg with a focus on the ankle.

  • Day 8 HIPS - Yoga Flow for Hip Expansion - 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul

    This 35-minute yoga sequence focuses on opening the hips. We flow through Warrior poses and standing balances before sinking to the ground for major league hip expansion.

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage w/ Ball Rolling: Hips & Low Back

    Rest assured that this is the hips and low back video and ignore the editing error in the introduction. Grab all of your props, your massage ball of choice, and get ready to relax. We will be using single point pressure and our own intuitive movement to massage into our hips and low back.

  • Easy Yoga for Your Shoulders

    We keep it low to the ground in this class. Beginning with seated shoulder stretches, coming into Puppy Pose, then a gentle Standing Forward Fold to integrate all our work.

  • Yin Yoga for Hips Deep Relaxtion with Music

    This total beginner yoga class is appropriate for all levels. In it, I've put together my favorite feel good poses like lunges, shoulder openers and hip openers. Don't worry. No prior yoga experience is required!

  • Advanced Hip Opening Vinyasa Yoga Birds of Paradise

    This is a vinyasa yoga flow for your hips for intermediate and advanced levels. We're going to be moving into birds of paradise pose. No props are required but using two blocks would be helpful.

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage Upper Body Foam Roller

    In this extended, members only class we do some easy shoulder openers before coming to the foam roller to deeply open our chest and shoulders with gentle movement.

  • Shoulder Bliss - Hatha Yoga Slow Flow (45-Min)

    his yoga class is all about stretches for your shoulders. This yummy sequence of yoga poses will help you to stretch your shoulders in all sorts of creative ways. Perfect if you have stiff shoulders and are seeking shoulder pain relief. This Yoga for Shoulders sequence includes stretches that can...

  • Deep Stretch

    We’ve been sculpting non-stop, so I decided it’s time for a stretch. I tried to make this peaceful, delicious, and there is music too!

  • [Member-Only] Self-Massage w/ Ball Rolling: Shoulders and Upper Back

  • Stretch into Splits (Beginner & Advanced Options) - 35 Min Yoga Sequence for Splits

    Work your way into splits in this 35-min class! Coming fully into splits is not required - remember, it's about the journey, not the destination. Use this class to improve your hamstring flexibility at any level and enjoy!