Uplifted Studio Schedule

Uplifted Studio Schedule

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Uplifted Studio Schedule
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  • Easy Chair Yoga - 20 Min

    Uplifted Studio Schedule Calendar => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlLXpEOWJtY2s1Vk0/view?usp=sharing

    In this video, we will do some easy chair yoga exercises together. Chair yoga is great for seniors or beginners who are new to yoga. This video features my favorite chair yoga exe...

  • Blissful Morning Awakening - 20 Min

    his morning yoga routine is a flow for beginners, including all other levels. This 20-min yoga sequence is designed to create a blissful space in your morning, even if you feel low and like you need more energy. We'll fill up the room up with feel good movements to start your day right.

    Do you...

  • Heating Power Yoga

    Power yoga workout perfect for all levels. Gorgeous multi camera shooting. Had so much fun time making this sweaty yoga workout for you!

  • Detox Your Kidneys (Kundalini) - 35 Min

    This is a Kundalini Yoga Flow about how to detox your kidneys naturally through yoga! Yes, you can use yoga as a way to help prevent or manage kidney health or kidney stone problems. This Kundalini full yoga class is for all levels, including Beginners (it's exactly 35 minutes and totally free). ...

  • Advanced Strengthen & Flow - Vinyasa Morning Espresso Yoga (15-Min)

    In this vinyasa flow yoga class, I will show you an awesome morning yoga routine that will wake you up instantly! This yoga class is for intermediate and advanced levels. Improve your flexibility and strengthen your body by doing this morning yoga routine.

    Wake up in the morning with more ener...

  • Yoga + Barre Sculpt - 45 Min

  • Yoga Block Bliss Massage - 30 Min

    In today's class, we'll be doing a full body yoga block massage. This 30 minutes blissful body stretches will need two yoga blocks.

  • Shoulder Bliss - Hatha Yoga Slow Flow (45-Min)

    his yoga class is all about stretches for your shoulders. This yummy sequence of yoga poses will help you to stretch your shoulders in all sorts of creative ways. Perfect if you have stiff shoulders and are seeking shoulder pain relief. This Yoga for Shoulders sequence includes stretches that can...

  • Yoga for Better Posture - ALL LEVELS | Open Shoulders & Back | Collab w/ Lesley

    No prior yoga experience is required to do this, I tried to keep it as accessible as possible while still getting into some deep dynamic movements to open your shoulders and strengthen your back.

  • How to do Alternate Nostril Breathing: Pranayama + Meditation (15-Min)

    In this full 15 minute pranayama practice, I am going teach you on how to do alternate nostril breathing and we are going to do a quick lovely meditation. Thanks for watching this video.
    *First Video in SUKHA PLAN*

    Sukha Calendar => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytvohjjd1tlcGdmUWtlT2R3WGM...

  • Anti-Anxiety "Get Grounded FAST" Yoga Sequence (8-Min) - ALL LEVELS - Quick Yoga (10 Minute Yoga)

    As requested another short yoga flow - this one's designed to get you grounded fast!

  • [Members Only] Yoga for Inner Strength and Length (60-min)

    Want to get two inches taller?

    Join me for this 60-minute flow sequence in which we’ll profoundly open the side body to find length and inner strength. New twists on the traditional poses for extra inner core strength and tone.

    Lots of my signature spiral movements throughout, so you can un...

  • Stretch into Splits (Beginner & Advanced Options) - 35 Min Yoga Sequence for Splits

    Work your way into splits in this 35-min class! Coming fully into splits is not required - remember, it's about the journey, not the destination. Use this class to improve your hamstring flexibility at any level and enjoy!

  • Meditation for Anxiety & Nervous Energy (15-Min)

    This meditation focused on calming anxiety and nervous energy is not easy an easy one. It requires breath discipline and holding your arms out at an acute angle.

  • Bedtime Stretch + Meditation - 25 min

    This is an all levels yoga sequence for before bed. Use it to stimulate a restful sleep, or practice it anytime of day that you want to calm down. Doing yoga before bed is ideal because it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, preparing your body for sleep and relaxation.

    Stretching ...

  • Yoga for Your Nervous System - 45-Min

    This is a yoga sequence to reset your nervous system. We start on our back for some simple core work to strengthen the abdominals. This section is short and designed just to warm us up. Next, we begin a dynamic movement series specifically designed to reset your nervous system with precise breath...