Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

Watch this video and more on Brett Larkin Yoga - Uplifted

Stretch into Splits (Beginner & Advanced Options) - 35 Min Yoga Sequence for Splits

Uplifted Studio Schedule • 37m

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  • Meditation for Anxiety & Nervous Ener...

    This meditation focused on calming anxiety and nervous energy is not easy an easy one. It requires breath discipline and holding your arms out at an acute angle.

  • Bedtime Stretch + Meditation - 25 min

    This is an all levels yoga sequence for before bed. Use it to stimulate a restful sleep, or practice it anytime of day that you want to calm down. Doing yoga before bed is ideal because it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, preparing your body for sleep and relaxation.

    Stretching ...

  • Yoga for Your Nervous System - 45-Min

    This is a yoga sequence to reset your nervous system. We start on our back for some simple core work to strengthen the abdominals. This section is short and designed just to warm us up. Next, we begin a dynamic movement series specifically designed to reset your nervous system with precise breath...