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  • Lunar Yin Yoga + Chandra Bhedana - 45 min

    I am so excited to share this Yin style class with you! We begin with Chandra Bhedana, to get us more in touch with our cooling feminine energy. I then guide you through a beautiful meditation before we move into the yin portion of the class.

  • [NEW] Full Body Yin Yoga with Stephanie (55-min)

  • Yin: Full Spinal Reset - 1 Hour

    Gently stretch your spine in all directions with this relaxing Yin class. Have your props handy and settle in to stillness.

  • Day 7 - Yoga for Flexibility | Side Split "Middle Splits" Tutorial | Vinyasa + Yin πŸ’• (45-Min)

    Three words: hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstrings! In this juicy class, we focus on our hamstrings and hips in order to come into front splits or "middle splits." Coming into the full split is not required. This class is designed for yogis of all levels. Modifications are given along the way. Enjoy...

  • Yin for Your Hips & Low Back

    Gather your props and get ready for some intense hip opening. Double pigeon is our main pose in this class and it can be intense! If you are new to yoga or this pose isn’t feeling right for you today use the modification in the video. Use your props and get comfortable because we are in this pose...

  • Day 15 - Yin Yoga for Hip Flexibility | Deep Yin Pigeon Hold (25-Min)

    Sometimes, keeping it simple is the sweetest thing! In this deep, soothing Yin class, we hold Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), a deep hip opener, for 7-minutes on each side. If you've never experienced a 7-minute pigeon hold, you are in for a treat! If pigeon pose is sometimes a struggle fo...

  • Day 9 - Creative Hips & Hamstrings Yoga Sequence | Yin + Vinyasa (40-Min)

    Start slow as we melt into juicy Yin postures for the hips and hamstrings. Flow through standing Vinyasa postures with a refined awareness of these areas. Continue to open this hips with a creative lunge series and soothing stretches. At the end, we do a special exercise to shake it all off and p...

  • Day 3 - Yin/Yang Yoga (35-Min)

    Play with the qualities of Yin & Yang (receptivity versus activity) in this energetic exploration. An ideal practice for when you're feeling tired or lethargic. Try this and watch your energy transform! We start close to the ground in delicious Yin hip openers. We coax the body to wake up and gen...

  • Day 12 REST - Yin Yoga for Hips & Low Back - 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul

    In this 30-minute Yin class, we profoundly open the hips and low back. Yin is a style of yoga in which poses are held for 3 - 5 minutes as opposed to 3 - 5 breaths in order to for our interconnective tissue to truly rehydrate and restore.

  • Yin Yoga for Flexibility | All Levels (30-Min)

    Meet Yin yoga. In this style of practice, we'll be working with the interconnective tissue and the ligaments that surround your joints -- all areas that are not normally nourished in more active styles of exercise. This 30-minute stretch is the perfect complement to cardio, weight lifting, or HII...

  • Yin for Tight Hips - 45 Min

    This video is a hybrid sequence of gentle hip opening yoga and restorative yin yoga for your tight hips. For this class I would like you to have bolsters, blankets and blocks. Or if you don't have yoga props, you can still join us by grabbing pillows, couch cushions so you can set up these yoga p...

  • Yin for Hips & IT Band - Crazy Deep Stretches (20-Min)

    This class stretches *exactly* where we toned on Monday :)

  • Yoga Nap Yin "Blissapline" (20 Min)

    This yoga class is for when you're tired and you're looking for a restorative yoga to replenish your energy from exhaustion. This is also a wonderful yoga nap where you can relax, stay cozy and replenish yourself. Come join me in this 20 minute yoga class.

  • [Member-Only] Yin - Make Love to Your Hips (60-Min)

    We will go deep into the hips in this yin style class. Have all your props handy and show your hips some love. P.S. If you love pigeon pose, this is the class for you!

  • [Members Only] Yin Extended Low Back Release - 50 Min

    Get ready to sink into stillness in this *Members Only* yin class. We will release the low back holding postures for extended periods of time, so make sure you are comfortable!
    *NOTE*: If you have any issues with your cervical spine, or high blood pressure, please do not practice plow pose. I g...

  • Lazy Yoga - Easy Yin-Inspired Yoga Sequence for When You Need a Break - Great for Beginners

    In this easy yoga sequence, we stretch the hamstrings, hips, and low back. YUM! This is exactly what my personal yoga practice looks like when I'm stressed, overworked, overtired or just too fatigued to stand up. Even if you are exhausted, you will feel so much better after 15-minutes of Yin yoga...

  • Day 7 RESTORE - Yin Yoga to Rest & Replenish - 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul

    This is a 30-minute Yin-inspired class designed to release the spine, open the hamstrings, and help you chill out. Perfect for when you’re tired or to practice before bed.

  • Bedtime Yoga for Everyone

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    After a month of sculpting, I felt like another yoga in bed class was needed. ...

  • Yoga for Total Relaxation: Hour Long Yin Yoga Class (60-min) DeStress, Unwind, Rejuvinate

    1 Hour Yin Class of Total Indulgence & Release. All levels. I give options for with & without props.

    *OPT MUSIC for this CLASS* https://open.spotify.com/user/bel216/playlist/11HFW1QqBsF2QDOYWtYoqc

    In this deeply restorative, juicy yin class, we open the body and let go of our stress for a ...

  • Easy Yoga Stretches for Your Hips, Hamstrings & Biceps - 15 min (All Seated, All Levels)

    This class of yoga stretches is appropriate for all levels. We target the hips, hamstrings and biceps.

  • Yin Yoga for Hips Deep Relaxtion with Music

    This total beginner yoga class is appropriate for all levels. In it, I've put together my favorite feel good poses like lunges, shoulder openers and hip openers. Don't worry. No prior yoga experience is required!

  • Hip Opening at the Wall - Stretch Hips & Inner Thighs Routine (30-Min)

    This is a restorative, hip opening stretching class at the wall. This 30 minutes yoga class is a gentle yin style yoga stretching for your hips and inner thighs. This practice will involve your hips and inner thighs through an amazing stretching routine.

  • Rejuvinate Yoga Hip and Upper Back

    This total beginner yoga class is appropriate for all levels. In it, I've put together my favorite feel good poses like lunges, shoulder openers and hip openers.

  • Yoga for Low Back Pain - Quick Stretch (6 minutes) - Yin Style Low Back Stretch

    If you suffer from low back pain, like me, try one of my favorite stretches with me.