Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt

DOWNLOAD THIS TRAINING PLAN! Click the ".PDF" file (usually listed as the first item below). It looks like a black square and is titled "Uplifted Yoga Sculpt Plan.pdf"

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Yoga Sculpt
  • Uplifted Yoga Sculpt Plan.pdf

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  • Uplifted Member-Only Tricky Transition Live Call

    -Standing Forward Fold
    -Chaturanga Transitions

    -Overstretching Hamstrings
    -Why yin yoga is amazing for the back line fascia
    -How much pain is too much pain in yin
    -Square hips in Warrior 1 and Splits
    -Pigeon pose revelation

  • [Members-Only] Guest Expert: Erica Jago & the Chakras

  • Yoga Sculpt - Thighs

    Get the guide:

    We kick-off Yoga Sculpt on the floor with some serious thigh and seat toning exercises that will leave your quads quivering. Then we lengthen the muscles with some delicious stretches. Be sure to pad...

  • Yoga Sculpt - Seat

    Get the guide:
    Seat toning videos are always highly requested on my channel, and this is the most intense seat sculpting workout I have ever put out there. In this floor exercise, we are strengthening all the surround...

  • Yoga Sculpt - Core

    As a yogi or athlete, you know core strength is everything. But how do we access our deep transverse abdominals (the ones that power inversions and dives) without straining the head, neck and shoulders? This Core Sculpting class is the answer. We move through a variety of plank and seat-based exe...

  • Pure Pranayama [Uplifted Guest Teacher] Erica Jago

    Everyone wants to get in shape for New Year’s, but as an Uplifted member, you know your practice is about so much more than the physical. Enjoy this intense 30-minutes of pure breathing. Slowing down our breath like this helps sculpt our minds, and slows down our thoughts. This is extraordinarily...

  • Uplifted New Years Live Call - Affirmation Writing Workshop

    Brett did a presentation on Intention Setting in this call.

    -Are goals making you suffer?
    -Shifting Perspective
    -Journaling Prompts
    -Stepping Into Yourself
    -Creating Affirmation Tapes

  • Yoga Sculpt - Arms

    We put our body weight on our arms all the time in yoga, but in this class, I took it a step farther and created a sequence specifically designed to sculpt every aspect of the arms and shoulders. Together we move through arm sculpting micro-movements (keep it small!) inspired by my time at dance ...

  • Yoga Sculpt - Legs (Chair Required)

    This class requires a chair, which we'll use as an impromptu ballet bar in this Yoga Sculpt for your legs. Through teeny, tiny isometric movements, we tone the inner thighs, quads, calves and stabilizing muscles of the knee and ankle joint. Thank goodness we have yoga to stretch all these areas w...

  • Total Body Yoga Sculpt

    We end our Yoga Sculpt journey with a total body workout. We visit full-body strengthening poses like forearm plank, downdog, and add in isometric pulsing in key places, to take the intensity up a notch. Bliss out as always at the end with stretches and an uplifting meditation.

  • Yoga for Total Relaxation: Hour Long Yin Yoga Class (60-min) DeStress, Unwind, Rejuvinate

    1 Hour Yin Class of Total Indulgence & Release. All levels. I give options for with & without props.

    *OPT MUSIC for this CLASS*

    In this deeply restorative, juicy yin class, we open the body and let go of our stress for a ...

  • Brazilian Yoga Sculpt - Amazing Cross Training! (20-Min)

    I know I am bias but I LOVED this workout. I feel like it goes straight to the heart of all the work I *need* but never want to do (aka lunges, push-ups and intense core work). Do not give up. It’s hard to get through, but you will feel SO strong (and sore) after. I felt this in my body for days ...

  • Deep Stretch

    We’ve been sculpting non-stop, so I decided it’s time for a stretch. I tried to make this peaceful, delicious, and there is music too!

  • Yoga for Low Back Pain for Greatist - 15 Min (Easy Low Back Stretch for Beginners)

    Yoga for Low Back Pain! Your 15-minute low back yoga fix. Appropriate for all levels. Flexibility is NOT required.

    PATIENCE is the name of the game in this short sequence in which we gently unwind the low back with simple forward folds and stretches on the floor.

    Like it or not, the low b...

  • Yoga + Barre Sculpt - 45 Min

  • BONUS Seat Class UPLIFTED (Requires Chair)

    I reserved this Yoga Sculpt class for Uplifted-only because it is nuanced (and HARD!). Again, keep in mind that this is all about micro-movements. Yes, it may feel like your hip is cramping - that means you’re doing it right. Go slow. Takes breaks. Stretch after.

  • Yin for Hips & IT Band - Crazy Deep Stretches (20-Min)

    This class stretches *exactly* where we toned on Monday :)

  • Yoga for Strength


    I thought this class would be a good one to come back to after a full month of sculpting to compare if you feel stronger! (Remember, we did this class in November). Notice any changes?

  • Yoga for Tight Traps - Uplifted (50-Min)

    This brand new class incorporates a lot of new sequencing a began playing with in New York this fall. Focus is on releasing your traps and low back. The perfect counter-class to a month of sculpting.